Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Get them looking for st.mk and cr.mk and they’ll try to poke you with cr.mk a lot of the time. Go for st.hk and get the CC. Then f+mp hk/ex spike. EX spike will go to m. mixer.

Also not airborne but after a crossup I like to go st.mp st.mp if they blocked the crossup. If they got counterhit by the first one somehow it’ll combo. If they try to hit you from the st.mp they’ll fail without an invuln move. 3 frame gap and you’ll crush lights. CH st.mp links into f+mp from slightly farther out than you can get st.mp cr.mk from and then you can go into the spikes.


This has been known since beta 1 and has been deing discussed for like the last page of the thread.

Its usefull, but easily countered if your opponent knows the matchup…


Why does rashid has such poor range? And my god…his cr.mk is so bad. You can barely combo off anything good off it. So irritating. Where’s Juri? Seriously…


guys… What does XX mean please?


xx means cancel. For example, the classic Ryu 2 in 1 would be: cr. mk xx hadouken.


Playing around with setups that allow you to use Whirlwind boosted moves without spending any meter:






A few shenanigans, a few things that could come in handy. I haven’t played enough Rashid to have a good understanding of the character just yet.


Nice. I like the last one especially. I wish Powered up mixer was + on block or something : (


Powered up mixer is 0 on block, which is pretty nice considering the amount of chip it gives you. Plus you have a 3 frame normal so at worst you’ll trade lights afterwards.


How airtight are these? They look like someone could heavily punish you if you attempt this more then once.


This is fucking gold. The spacing looks similar enough that you might be able to do this after a st. mp, cr. mk on block which is hella good.


f+ mp xx hk eagle spike or f+ mp xx ex eagle spike, hp mixer is pretty good reward for that antiair. Even kind of works against certain neutral jumps


found these, really nice stuff here.

Frame traps

General combos and setups

Safe jump setup


It is not easy using any WWS boosted setups off cancels because of WWS start-up and recovery. People can hold up+forward the moment you start spinning or they can move forward a few pixels and sweep during RH WWS set ups. cr.mk xx WWS cancels are way too risky outside of LK WWS. You can probably get it to work the odd time, but I would not use it more than once or twice.

The recovery is so horrendous paired with its already terrible start-up that it makes RH WWS a bad cancel against competent opponents. I have not found much use for RH WWS outside of meaty ones on their wake-up in the corner. Those are just my observations so I could be wrong.


Frametraps above are good, but I see a ton of folks rely on late techs to beat out throws. I feel like it makes it really hard to frame trap with Rashid if they aren’t afraid of the throw option. I need some good setups to get people to flinch better. Punishing with neutral jump will only work for so long. Lately I just try to stack close & delay my attack later or use like c.FP instead of s.mp to try and punish it… suppose s.lk or s.lp tick throws would help improve the shimmy / punish late teching too.

I know shimmy should help, but personally if you shimmy out of throw range on my wakeup I’m not going to panic and mash throw. It doesn’t feel that threatning vs a late neutral jump (since you stay near them). Suppose that’s when you can try to stick a meaty on them / score a CC. Wish we had a command throw T_T.


I disagree. Rashid doesn’t do damage, have good frame data, or have airtight mixups. The only thing he has going for him is mobility and a huge number of options.

Off a blocked crouch mk you can not press anything to bait or continue pressure, you can do ex wws, you can do lp mixer, or you can do this HK was shenanigan. And that’s not accounting for the ability to v skill out of either wws early or late. This wealth of options alone is going to make the opponent do something that is inside on paper even if they are a good player.

That said I am having a tough time getting the wind enhancement consistently. Any tips?


If the opponent is late teching, just delay the frame trap a little more or use a frame trap with a deliberately larger gap. For example, I like to substitute cr. Or st. HP instead of st.mp or cr. Mk in those frame traps for that exact purpose. Yes that loses to buttons, but then you just do your normal frame traps and the opponent is scared.

Another tip to make throws more credible that I think is really important: sometimes I will combo into lp mixer and not mash, then immediately throw. You are 0 after unmashed mixer so is a legitimate tactic. This will allow you to get st.lk frame traps more often

I would also like to point out that the way you describe the shimmy suggests you might not be using it properly. The point of shimmy is not to move back and forth out of throw range to bait a panic throw. You are supposed to actually move into throw range and start walking back as you think the opponent will throw. Throw startup is 5f so if you get good enough at it, you should ideally be in throw range by the time they start their throw, but be out of range by the time the throw becomes active.


Was testing them out last night with a guard reaction of jab. Take my findings with a grain of salt, but the light moves are pretty tight, though they can get caught by cr.MK if they jab out of it, though kind of messes up the set up in terms of positioning.


Is there something better off a jump-in HP/HK than s.HP xx H ES?


j.hk c.hp, s.mp xx (M ES/ EX ES into H Mixer/ L fireball or L mixer xx Super)

j.hk s.hp d.Vskill~ kick (H mixer/ M mixer into EX mixer/ M mixer into super)


See, this is something I don’t get. I can set cpu to reversal jab or reversal dp, and I can do this mixup and block the dp, and beat the jab. How is it so easily countered?