Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



You can air to air him on reaction pretty easily

It’s also a situation where fuzzy jump OS really shines


When you roll through ex wws, you push the opponent out of the last hit of the tornado, changing it from +6 on block to +0. This means you will get hit if you try to jump after for the cross up.


The first part shows if you try to jump.

The second shows how to stop it before it starts. This is specifically from forward+mp. This works because f+mp is two hits. If you dont cancel f+mp, the lk doesnt come out because of the second hit. If you cancel into lk wws or eagle spike, its a true blockstring and the lk doesn’t come out. It should only come out of you cancel into hk or ex wws.

The last bit shows that it is +0 on block. Trades with 3 frame normals if you try to attack after.

So basically if they know the match up the best you are going to get is to trade light attacks. (3frame).

Against characters without 3 frame moves this is better but still not something to do a lot.

Like i said, usefull but countered easy.


Ah, bummer. I’ll just keep it in mind for MU’s where characters don’t have 3 frame lights. Shit will still work on Bison at least.


A bit more experimentation with blocked whirlwind stuff. Of course, you’d need to condition them to block first (L Whirlwind should help with that). I figure 5HP is a better normal to cancel from due to the increased blockstun.


This works both midscreen and in the corner. You don’t need to time the Heavy Eagle Spike, just cancel from V-Skill at the earliest point.


Good shit dude! This is sick for MU’s where the other character has a 3 frame normal. I was messing around with doing mixer through the little tornado’s, and the fact that it leaves you at 0 frames on block means that characters with fast enough jabs aren’t really pressured from that shit, but this setup lets you get that pressure still, which is lit.

Only thing I would say about it’s practicality though is that I think it’s better setup like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDkxv3lSMg8

Just because if you do cr.lk > cr.lp > s.hp, some characters 3 frame jabs will beat the s.hp. Not all of them, but I just think the setup works better off of cr.lk > cr.lk > cr.lk > step forward > s.hp.

The three lights are a true blockstring and then you’re out of range of all jabs and you just have to take that tiny step forward. It does give the opponent more wiggle room in the setup, but I figure they’re either going to be doing something or not doing something, and this setup is safe from more kinds of doing something.

Edit: also if one of the cr.lk’s hit then the third one will whiff, but you can still take that small step forward before or after that whiff and do the s.hp.


So I just finished reading the entire thread. Started to skim around the last page though. Was kinda lost on a few things. What is 5HP, 3HP and qcf.kk or qcf.pp?


5 and 3 is notation used a lot in anime. It’s like numbers on a number pad, so 5 is the center and 3 is the one down and forward. qcf is quarter circle forward and kk is pressing two kicks, so 5HP is standing heavy punch, and qcf.kk is ex tornado kick. Pretty easy to understand from there.


Has anyone found a use for cancelling J LP, or J MP into air-eagle spike?

Chun’s J MP puts opponents into juggle state so she can combo into air lightning legs afterwards. Rashid’s doesn’t have that property, and opponents seem to be able to recover on the ground faster than Rashid if he cancels into air-eagle spike.

Doesn’t combo, doesn’t set up any mixups/resets. I just don’t know what it is supposed to be used for… if anything?


Don’t really know. Only thing I can think of is that you can mess with a cross under mixup, but the opponent is plus when you land, so if they understand the setup they can react to the aerial cancelled and punish you for it.

Also, I was wondering what you guys were doing for lp spinning mixer. I see a lot of people fully mash it, but I really think it’s strong if you just mash it to 5 hits, because being at +2 you can threaten grab/ strike that both beat 3 frame jab.


Hey, so I was going mentally through some potential tech for Rashid (since I haven’t bought this game yet, will probably do it next week) and I was thinking if it is at all possible to do anti-air cr.M cancelled into V-Trigger? Do you get any sort of a mixup afterwards or is the recovery too long for it to be worth anything at all?


Actually, all normals are cancellable by his V-Trigger, including cr.MP. However i don’t see many player doing it. Instead, more popular options are cr.MP xx medium whirlwind (hits as the opponent lands) or cr.MP xx down+V-Skill (or LP mixer) for cross down.


Yup. You can also toss in a Towards HP overhead, or a Cr.HP crush counter attempt as well after the cr.MP. Should be used sparingly. I have gotten hit with a critical art after they land cause I was being too predictable with it.


Sorry if this is already known and discussed elsewhere but I came across this ambiguous corner mixup after BnB in the corner (I don’t know how to embed the video in my post). It’s very strict on the timing of the jump hk but I imagine this will trick a lot of good players.


That’s pretty useful and I haven’t seen that in this thread so you’re good. I usually go for l.p>l.p>l.spinning mixer (mashed) jump immediately and do j.mp for a cross up for quick rise. If it isn’t a quick rise I have plenty of option remaining until they do rise like jumping out of corner or cr.mp (blocked) will space them far away so that you could wall cling and jump downwards for a j.mp cross up. This could help mix up the corner options sine I am sure the j.hk will work the same after a landed l.spinning mixer.


Just doing some training mode stuff with the no-bounce air eagle spike. Roundhouse version appears to be +2 on guard.


I was watching the daigo vs gachikun set and he closed out one round he did bnb to ex eagle spike to eagle spike (miss) causes you to land on the other side to meaty cHP on quick rise


I went through this entire thread and organized the videos into 3 playlist. Let me know if I missed anything or anything you would like for me to add.

Rashid Tech:

Rashid Combos:

Rashid Tutorials:


That was an idea I had been playing with too, because not doing a followup to EX spike puts you somewhere around +48-50 against a quick getup. LK Eagle spike is 38 total frames and HK is 40 frames and it’s possible to do either of those and have a cr.HP beat 3f jabs. It also gives you a few frames to mess with spacing and cause the moves to try and have a corpse hop mixup and then have a meaty MP.


Nice, i hope that these playlists will be updated in the future


If he cc on your Cr HP, just f MP and Eagle/ mixer/ whatever.