Rashid Combo/Tech Thread



Condition opponents with L and M versions. They catch opponents who try to react all the time. And on block after a cr mk or cr lk they are too far to punish even with sweep or ca. After a while, they tend to block. Sometimes roll in to lk to jab them out too after the roll.


I just compiled a list of CC and CH combos based on what I read here and some research previously.

I like that CH cr.HP EX WWS is really deadly. After that, another cr.HP into vt and air ES, that’s 330 HP gone.


Corner CC combo. S.HP, EX WWS, D+V-skill, s.HP, D+V-skill roll-kick, HP spinning mixer.
Does more damage then using the Cr HP- standing MP eagle spike finisher.


I just thought I put in as many as possible in the vid before I go compare and pick the few optimized ones. I got confused after practicing so many. Is this the most dmg possible for 1 stock? Stun wise?


Yup. Biggest one off of S.HP. Also builds more v-trigger meter as well.


Sweet. I will stick to this from now on. Thanks!


I just did a quick test.

A: End with s.hp, vroll-kick, h.mixer - 360dmg, 604stun, almost 2/3 of 1 vmeter filled, 1/4 stock filled
B: End with cr.hp, mp, m.es - 355dmg, 652stun, 1/2 of 1 vmeter filled, 1/4 stock filled.

You are right about the damage and the vmeter. But I feel 5dmg is quite negligible but the stun vs the vmeter is really what we should consider. It’s more of the situation where you decide if you really need the vt badly or your opponent is close to being stunned. I still think B is important as well.


296 dmg 552 stun. Wow! Took me awhile to get that to work. It has a little more stun but it’s so hard to do. It’s like one of those 1fr kof links that seems almost impractical in actual matches? Even chunli’s combos are easier lol.


I’ve been trying to find a use for j.mp into ES, but so far I can’t seem to figure out why they included this property.

It seems like the distancing for using the hk.wws differs on whether they block or get hit by the normals that set it up. Is there a way to use the ex spinning mixer mid screen and with whirlwind properties, a set up like this would be quite useful. I don’t think many people expect a normal to come out after ex spinning mixer.


It is the spacing. The wind shot needs to be blocked somewhere above mid level body for it to augment your mixers after the roll. At around tip of cr lk, a H.wws should work. Opponent is likely to jab or sweep you out of the roll 90% of the time is you throw this out straight off. Keep using L.wws and M.wws after cr lk blockstring frametraps. Once they start blocking then go for it. Maybe try Ex.wws too? Seems like H wws is only functional at the corner? I only use Ex version in mid screen, and it’s almost always for the neutral jump mk crossup.

I did a test for neutral jump mp follow up with air ES. Seems like the only purpose is to make him land earlier. But it is still subjected to how high opponent already is in air vs how low you are. I expect that if opponent isn’t already at the tip top on the verge of landing, and that you barely left the ground, then you will have +frames. Check out my video entitled “jump mp L ES vs H ES”. Both are +frames so I can throw or attack first. The strength determines the distance. H is good for crossup, L for closeup, M for slightly further. How reliable this is, I do not know. Just like how I can never seem to jump air to air and still get behind opponents like most people can.

One thing worthy of noting is that while air ES only works on forward jump, it can be cancelled into from neutral or back jump mp. If the timing wasn’t an issue, I would say this is a good tool to reverse pressure with.


Also added some stun combos based on what I see on Gachikun’s match against Daigo. I noticed he used the wall jump to get the perfect distance for H windshot to connect(right at the centre).
Check out the grids on the map where he lands after the wall jump. Immediately do H windshot, cancel into roll and mixers.

Corner Stun combo with H wws enhancement


Those are very helpful awesome. Only one I couldn’t get to connect was the ex mixer into ES.


Awesome info here man - you really should get i up on youtube


It’s quite a mess man. Is there any app that is easy to edit or put in captions for the commands, hp and stun details? Or youtube alone can do it?


That one is a bitch. I think you need to time it after the fall and right before he touches the ground. H ES.


Youtube can do it


For the air mp cancel ES you can use it in a reset like in this video at 24s



I have found some corner setup with the fthrow against normal recovery.
You can do dash st lk it will beat all option except reversal. You can do dash st mp/ grab, it doesn’t work if the opponent is mashing his 3f, but it’s really powerful against characters without 3f. So if you mix you have a free 50/50 with a corner throw.
You can also do st hk, it will hit meaty so you are -1 on block , +3 on hit (you can follow up with st lk cr lk) and if you caught your opponent mashing it’s a free crush counter.


So recently I’ve been bummed about Rashid, and was thinking of how pitiful his light mixers damage was. I was doing some testing around with AceKombat and was thinking about the potential of Rashid’s partially mashed light mixer. I haven’t really seen anyone talk about it, and I could be wrong, but from the testing me and Ace did, it seems as if Rashid’s partially mashed light mixer on hit leaves him at a positive frame advantage, possibly +1. This is pretty huge, as it only sacrifices 10 damage, but keeps the opponent standing at disadvantage. The light mixers soft knockdown just doesn’t seem worth it, so being able to keep them standing, close to you, and you at +1 seems huge. It also catches a ton of people off guard allowing easy throw follow ups. Once the opponent is conditioned to look for the throw, you can start playing mind games by continuing pressure and getting counterhits, or go for a shimmy, etc. Getting the soft knockdown from fully mashing the mixer on hit really doesn’t get Rashid anything, where as this lets him stick close to the opponent and continue pressuring in various ways.

Anyways, my testing on the frame advantage could have been off, but it does feel like Rashid is at a frame advantage. Would love to hear about other peoples thoughts/testing on this and more ways to explore this option. =)


I kind of thought so, nice to get confirmation. Even unmashed at +0 people get blown up a lot because they react the same way to that as to the -2 situation on block. I try to only fully mash in certain situations (dp mashers, corner carry, etc)


LP mashed spinning mixer can be safe if properly distanced. And you can get a whiff punish if they stick out certain normals. I been using it in Nash and Ken matchups