Rashid General Thread: Desert Storm - second new character



On 9/11 Capcom revealed the second new Street Fighter V character at the Dubai Games2015. His name is Rashid and he looks (from the footage so far) to be a fast playing character with a mix of guy/rolento/ibuki. More info soon.

For now here’s the first footage


Image VS screen


I was hoping for “What’s the Scouter Say: Rashid Thread”. I guess I watched too much DBZ.


I like him. …another!


This guy is looking crazy on the mixups


Rashid sees R.Mika’s ass, scouter explodes. Lol.


From the terrible video of the trailer, this guy looks pretty awesome!


I hope his v trigger is Oozaru mode.


Wow, so Capcom followed Namco in creating a middle eastern character, like truly middle easter and not a joke character like hakan?

Not a bad idea though. Kinda ironic that they’d release it on 9/11, but hey, looks like an interesting character.


Does he have T. Hawk’s condor dive/spire? That’s what it looks like.

It looks like his tornado can be a pressure tool since it is very active.


First gameplay footage (short).


It’s that giant tornado.


In that case, his v-trigger works a lot like aegis then. Not helping Urien’s chances.


I believe Urien is in, but they are going to redesign him. Aegis was only good/fun in 3s because of unblockables and charge partitioning. Take that out and you get something boring.



Oh damn I hope not. What made Urien for me was exactly the game play (execution and unblockables), if you remove that he’s a dude on his underpants. I’d rather have another character honestly.


So does this mean that the leaked character list is right so far? Rashid was on one of the lists I saw.


Only a short 15 sec clip but what a got.

= His crouch short looks like it has good range…

= EX projectile goes in a weird ass angle (Reminds me of Ram’s qcf+A I think from GGxrd)

= V-Trigger is that huge Tornado. Basically Yoga Catastrophe or Psycho Stream with a hitbox that basically cuts off a chunk of the screen

= He does an action right after his V-Trigger… A drop kick, no idea if it’s part of his V-Trigger or his own move

= Also his animations look kinda sick… need to see more


Ramlethal doesn’t have a qcf A.


I’lll be the first party pooper; I don’t like his design at all. I was hoping for something cooler :frowning:

Mostly, even though it’s nitpicky, I cant take a character wearing sandals seriously at all. It just looks derpy. Who the fuck wears sandals to a fight aside from naruto. He’d look way more combat ready with military boots or something, as of now he looks to me like hes ready to go to the beach.


w/e that weird upward projectile is