Rashid General Thread: Desert Storm - second new character

Does anyone know how + you are after each knockdown? If not I’ll spend today figuring it out.

EDIT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1976rt8B91PqVCeYJAmcnW1uwVJ0H03QJtV-dJC5ohL8/htmlview?sle=true#

nvm last 3 columns has the answers I seek

When it comes to footsies, I feel like you definitely shouldn’t worry about frame data like that. Its all spacing. And also think about it. Rashid’s longest normals are negative, just like most of the cast. Honestly that only makes sense.

And yeah I also think its a bad idea to EX mixer after a poke. I do it sometimes after f+mp because I have a sense of when people don’t respect me and when they do usually. But overall its a bad idea.

After CEO, I stopped using cr. HP so much. I started doing meaty st. Lk. Its just so much better for Rashid’s rushdown game. You can go into one of your set ups enhanced setups from it or tick throw or shimmy. Not to mention on counter hit you get pretty decent damage. And its plus on block. Why not switch it up between cr. Hp and st. Lk?

double post my bad

By the way, do we happen to have a Rashid mains discord channel? Could definitely use one, if there isn’t one I might just create it myself if it’s easy enough

Yup, I’ve been using st.lk, cr.lp for meaties, CH combos, etc too. I mostly use cr.hp at mid range or cancel lk.wwws up close. It has a lot of recovery and smart players will catch on and jump for a cross-up if it whiffs.

Now that I have been playing the game a lot more and been able to dedicate more time to it, I think Rashid is fine as is.

Think about it; he has every tool he needs to win. Solid AA’s, a projectile, multiple ways around projectiles, solid air to airs, shenanigans (ex was, wall bounce x-ups), a decent x-up, wall carry specials, crazy pressure especially in the corner and a kick ass borderline bullshit super.

Yes his buttons, fighting style and tools are all unorthodox and take a while to get used to, but in all honesty, I struggle to think of a specific tool or move he currently lacks. Consequently, I am also gradually beginning to see his “low” damage as being completely justified. And his damage isnt even that low, it’s more that other characters hit a little too hard.

Can a non-mashed lp spinning mixer be made better than -4 on block by proper spacing?

Honestly if Rashid is left alone, I’m fine with that as well since I never found him to be weak. But if a little more damage was given to him or some of Beta stuff with CC St.HP returned, I’m good with the decision to especially if other characters are tone down. Overall, I’m fine with Rashid. He’s a pretty solid character and extremely fun.

I really think Capcom should just hold off on adjusting things imo.

Well…they should adjust Bison lol.

So rashid just won a major. Here’s some stuff I learned:

  • mixing up between fully mashed and partially mashed lp mixer on hit is key. Sometimes you want the knockdown, but sometimes you want the standing frame advantage. The best part about the frame advantage you get off unmashed lp mixer is that it can leave you at ranges where st/cr. hp can counterhit or whiff punish mashed buttons. This is a similar range to where u can do st. hp xx hk wws xx v skill k to get a wind enhanced, positive divekick. Using this kind of stuff makes rashid’s shimmy game a lot better.

  • shimmying with st. hp is godlike. Everyone should whore it out after st. lk walkback, half mashed lp mixer, block hk wws, etc.

  • Rashid has a damage problem that is instantly fixed when the opponent is in the corner, mostly due to how good ch st. mp, confirm st. hp xx v skill k, hp mixer/ex mixer/super is. Even if the st. mp is blocked, you still get a lot of pressure off of st. hp xx hk/ex wws. We should prioritize corner carry more than we already do. A lot of rashid’s are doing ex es, mp/hp mixer off of vtrigger when a regular ex mixer is usually the best option for corner carry.

  • We must use st. lk antiair. I think takeuchi honestly uses it too much in situations where hp mixer would be better, but the true value of st. lk antiair lies in its use to punish people trying to jump out of your corner pressure. Rashid’s corner pressure is so obnoxious, even the best of players will eventually try to jump out. With st. lk, we can react late to a jump that is trying to go over our head since it is so fast, and then u can dash under again to maintain corner and +frames. If they try some sort of special escape that will go over st. lk (sim teleport, ryu/ken tatsu, ken ex tatsu, cammy divekick, chun double jump, etc.) then you will have enough time to recover from st. lk and punish those laggier moves with ex es, mp mixer to put them right back into the corner.

…Now that I think about it, maybe we could do a st. lk, ex ES OS. What follows is pure theory fighter until me or someone else labs this out: If during the course of normal Rashid corner pressure (walking, st. hp, st. mp, etc.) the opponent jumps over your head, maybe we could do st. lk followed shortly by an ex es. If the opponent gets hit by st. lk, the ex es shouldn’t come out since there will be hitstop and st. lk isn’t cancelable. If st. lk whiffs because the opponent does a special escape, the ex es would come out.

It basically comes down to this:

  • If you think the opponent might block, go with meaty st. lk.
  • If you think there is a higher than usual chance that the opponent really wants to grab, hit a button, or use an armored move, go with cr. hp because of how good the cr. hp cc trap is.

Is St Hp > D Vskill a confirm or an OS?

It’s not a confirm, no. It’s a risk. Sometimes the opponent is so scared/has been blocking wws mixups for so long, that you can get away with st. hp xx roll and not be massively punished on block. If you want a safer, confirmable version of this, you can do ch st. mp, st. hp/f+mp xx whatever. The caveat to this is that you can’t do it from as far away as st. hp or cr. hp shimmy. Cr. hp shimmy is unfortunately not as fast and has a worse hurtbox than st. hp.

Omg how are folks getting anti air s.lk to work?! I need it. Cause its how im losing.

You pretty much need to get the timing down. Quite simple honestly. In the lab have the dummy recorded to jump in neutral and jump forward HK or HP and practice getting the time down.

I recommend doing it with the entire cast especially characters like Necalli, Mika, and Alex.

Also, practice AA with cr.mp, HP.mixer, J.LK and J.MP. These are most of Rashid’s best AA tools as well.

why does rashid’s vertical EX kick sometimes goes through you like a teleport without hitting you?
just tried to block it from full screen and my opponent ended up on the other side and hit confirmed me


Do you mean his regular horizontal ex eagle spike, or air ex eagle spike? Did he pass through his V - trigger when doing this?

his regular ex eagle spike, he activated his VT and did that full screen, it went through me without me getting hit

Were you doing something when he went thru? Enhance ex spike is really weird. Maybe it just glitched.

This? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MboiBz1O7oU&feature=youtu.be

I think it could be one of two things:

V-trigger pushes the eagle spikes beyond their normal distance. But for ex eagle spike, which has “pass through” capability, I think it’s Ysaar pushing the eagle spike through Rashid’s opponent during the recovery frames. Ex eagle spike without Ysaar will not go through an opponent during the recovery frames, only active frames. It could be another special feature of Ysaar. This happened to me a few weeks ago and it caught me by surprise, but both my opponents were back dashing, not blocking though.

Or it’s a collision box interaction and it’s the game deciding where Rashid and the opponent go

Something similar to this