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After being cheesed out by Rashid doing his damn ground spinning mixer (-2) into EX anti-air spinning mixer BS, I went to the lab. Always neutral jump. It makes the EX spinning mixer whiff completely and you land right next to him for the crush counter. I punished this guy twice and then I decided to push some buttons after to check him and he did it again. And again.

If the Rashid is smart and does it once to condition you, then next time he’ll just throw you. You can’t punish ground spinning mixer anyways so it’s kind of a lose lose in the rock paper scissors game. Just neutral jump.


Also remember you can punish his running and grounded eagle spike with df.hp but make sure you give up charge during blockstun or you’ll do a blast.

His running eagle spike is easily caught by V-skill but his grounded one comes out really fast and it’s hard to react to. You can V-skill absorb running eagle spike and still have time to punish with df.hp. It’s kind of pointless when you can just block and punish but I guess the more you know or some shit.


Runs the risk of Rashid using his normals to hit your jump, but it does cover two of his options after Mixer, so that’s good to keep in mind. Works in the corner as well, or only midscreen?

I also want to figure out if it’ll work off other -2 moves, such as s.mk and s.hk, Rashid likes to EX Mixer after just about anything.


I can’t vskill the dropkick fast enough in general.

I am pretty aggravated with doing accidental blasts when I wanna swipe them with df.HP though.


No tech against rashid still? I can’t win this matchup at all.


Tid bit from other posters in the other thread.

I’m actually gonna give Guile a serious go and see how he is