Rashid Match-Ups Thread

If you’re having problems with a specific character match-up, look for advice here!

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So far my two toughest matchups are Bison and Chun.

Watching Arturo online recently. He came up against a fairly good Rashid in ranked, and somehow, managed to make the matchup look completely free… Rashid doesn’t have a way in. It was really painful to watch.

Footsies, whiff punishing and spacing guide:

Generally speaking it is difficult to maintain “proper” spacing with rashid because his back walk speed is quite slow and he has no retreating attack moves whatsoever. Similarly, as Rashid lacks any meaningful damage, particularly in the AAs department it is difficult to keep your opponent grounded long enough to establish a solid sweet spot - in most cases you are looking to gain momentum so you can get in and stay in with Rashid as opposed to playing a more methodical game.

Whilst he doesn’t excel in footsies, he can play footsies and has a respectably solid whiff punishing game.

St.mk and cr mk set up your footsie portfolio, with the latter hit confirmable into eagle spike or mixer and the former into V trigger.

Overheard (Break assault or towards and heavy punch) has deceptively long range (his second furthest reaching normal next to standing heavy kick) so on wake up, you want to be around one backdash away from opponent to set up overhead low mix ups. As it happens, cr mk > eagle spike puts you in the exact space for overhead - move forwards a little from this spot and you can now threaten with Cr mk to reset the low/overhead game. It’s not great but better than something at least.

St Heavy kick has a wonderful ability to hop over certain low attacks as well as KD’d opponents, and grants you a CC on top of that. It is also his furthest reaching normal.

St Heavy punch has a nice visual aid, and hit confirms into all his specials for solid whiff punishing. Technically speaking it has less actual range than cr mk, but it has a really fantastically sized phantom hit box letting it tag whiffed moves in their recovery frames where cr.mk would often miss.

Raw Eagle spikes, particularly lk version, let you fly over a lot of crouching normals, and on hit space you correctly for an overhead on wake up.

VS Birdie

Sweet spot: ??? (varies) it’s difficult to play footsies and a legit spacing game with birdie as he has a significant portfolio of attack ranges - from up right up close to damn near full screen. Anyways here’s what we’ve got.

Hanging Chain (chain whip throw) - on whiff, eagle spike works wonders. It is possible to v skill roll under the chain as it comes out, but it is risky.

Bull Horn - mash crouching lk or st lp will stop even ex strength level provided you hit him before his head comes down. Because of this you can afford to get in a little close (around 2 character spaces apart) He is completely vulnerable throughout the entire animation, so if you time it right you can tag him with anything and everything.

Bull Revenger - HK version practically goes full screen. Fortunately he is completely vulnerable throughout, so m/h spinning mixer or cr mp stops this quite well.

Ex Bull revenger (dolphin dive) - same as above, however the jump arc is a lot lower, space travelled is a lot less and it activates earlier - just make sure to tag him early as he can very well grab you in your start up animation.

V trigger variations:

Ex Bull horn now gains multi-hit armour, meaning you’ll have to block punish this one.

Once you are ‘in’, Birdie’s normals come into play and they are quite troublesome.

St Hp - eagle spike, cr hp, st HP - it is difficult to tag him with the latter two

F st HP - maintaining position is difficult here since Birdie moves forwards. He also has a lot of frames of armour and he gets CC on hit. You’re just gonna have to respect the spacing on this one and either back dash or block punish.

Df St Hp - Bull slider. You can tag him with st mk and punish poorly spaced ones with cr HK. Everything else is too risky.

St Mk - st HP, st mk are your best bets here.

Cr Mk and Cr Hk - these two are lumped together because Birdie can set up a very nasty footsie trap that will snag attempts to whiff punish cr mk. Fortunately, you can tag his cr Hk with your own. Your St mk gets low profiled here a lot (possible to tag him with it but you have to be very quick otherwise you eat the sweep) but raw eagle spikes don’t and neither do wws’s. Lp.mixer works great as always as does st HK.

VS Ryu

St.mp or st. hp -> lp mixer, st mk, st HP (CC), cr. Mk, lk, cr mp, st Hp

Cr mp -> St. Hk, st. Mk, flap spin (towards and medium, hit confirmable), mixer,

Cr lk or cr mk - overhead punch, Eagle spike, lp mixer, st. HK, st mk, cr mk, cr heavy kick, cr lk

Sweet spot - 1.5 character spaces apart (using training room boxes as a guide with 1 box representing 1 character space).


Sweet spot - 3 character spaces away due to his longest reaching special (sotoja)

Satoja - Heavy punch into eagle spike is your best bet (although cr mp does also work, visually it is easier to tag him with st HP) as everything else gets tagged on start up and/or recovery or whiffs completely - you can pressure him with whirlwind shots from this distance too.

If he does mp or hp nishikyu (projectiles) rolling v skill into nail assault on reaction (you will avoid the poison all together)

If he does lp version, there’s no way of tagging him without getting hit at that distance, but if you want to you can use nail assault to mitigate the damage by taking only one hit. Alternatively, you can dash in/empty v skill roll and throw him - you are completely invulnerable to his projectiles throughout the throw animation.

V skill poison projectile - all levels of eagle spike will actually go over the projectile, however because Rashid rebounds on hit he can end up backing into the projectile before it leaves the screen. V skill nail assault can be done on reaction and will as a bonus nullify the projectile at the same time. Normal v skill into dive kick also works well.

VS Cammy

Sweet spot: 2-3 character spaces away (to accommodate reaction time to her specials)

Cr mk - lp mixer on reaction works wonders. Her recovery is too quick to tag her with anything else reliably. Eagle spike also works.

St mk - cr HP, st HP are your most reliable ones.

Cr HK - eagle spike flies over, cr HP works wonders as does overhead.

VS Chun Li

Sweet spot: ???

Rashid generally loses the footsie war with Chun as her normals are just too good to contend with and he doesn’t really have anything to threaten her with . Spacing her out is also difficult, especially as she has an advancing crouch attack and you can’t retreat quickly enough.

St HK - cr mk is your best bet, because Chun has godlike normals

St Hp - same as above

St Mk - same as above

Cr mp - same as above. You could also use overhead, but Chun can mash jab and body you. Your cr mk tags both her cr mk and cr lp - problem solved.

VS Dhalsim

St HP - cr HK (from full screen), press it just as soon as you see his limbs, and it will tag him perfectly. HK eagle spike also works really well as does cr mk.

St mp - st HP (from mid screen), excellent whiff punisher. On CC, hit confirm into eagle spike for serious damage. Congrats you are in, pressure him on wake up. Raw HK eagle spike on whiff also works well.

St mk - st HP, st mk, st HK all work really well. You can press st HP relatively early on reaction and you’ll tag him good and proper

St HK - cr HP hit confirm into eagle spike works wonders. Whiff punishing this one is quite tricky though and if you miss time it, you’re eating a CC.

Cr HK (slide) - the slide is deceptively quick, but it is possible to cr rhk on whiff. He gets a CC if you miss time it though. Best to block punish this one.

Cr mk (slide) - as above. Although he doesn’t travel as far so it is a little easier to tag him with cr HK.

Cr lk (butt shuffle) - travels even less further so slightly more easier to tag with cr HK. Can also tag him with cr mk.

VS Karin
Typically you’re going to be fighting her at mid screen as her footsies aren’t that good - she has much better specials which is ehat you’ll be dealing with most of the time (fortunately, they are all block punishable) Still, better to be prepared for those times you do get in and/or face turtle power Karin.

Cr mk - cr.mk, cr. HK, usual.

Cr hk - cr.mk, cr.HK. st HP is also possible but timing it is weird

St mk - st mk, st HP, cr mk

St HK - cr HP. Miss time it and you eat a CC…

That’s all for tonight I am getting tired and bored. I will sort this out into alphabetical order.

What can I throw out to stuff Karin’s distance overhead arm-flailing move, preferably on reaction? Darn woman kept pressuring me with it last match I had.

St lk can beat it if used correctly, ex spinning mixer, ysaar, and super all work on reaction as well

She’s vulnerable throughout the entire move (Resenha) so anything will stuff it. Having said that, during the active frames, it is a little tricky to stuff her but I have had success with cr mp and mp spinning mixer. She’s -6 to -4 on block depending on the strength used, so if you can’t get the timing, block punish.

st.MP is great to stuff it. However if you block the overhead part you can punish 100% of the time with st.LK, it also counterhits the followup clean so you will be able to link into st.MP.

f.mp goes further than st.hk
f.mp and L Mixer have about the same range. All 3 of these moves are -2 on block and they all have their own benefits.

f.mp just about puts you in grab range
st.hk goess over low profile moves
L mixer beats a lot of normals, from my experience, but it can be swept/hit low

So Claw can Super straight through V-Trigger if you try to catch him in the air with it. At least if the tornado isn’t already up before he’s above you.

Any tips on fighting Nash? It just feels like I get my normals stuffed and I get zoned out super easy.

How safe is -2 on block?

Nash is my worst match up by far. What’s worse is he’s the most common character online right now (Ryu where you at?) And it seems he’s pretty easy to play. When I get on next I’m gonna hit the lab and see what we can do against him. Hopefully some of the other Rashidoboyz will join me!

-2 means your opponent can move 2 frames before you can. There are no normals or specials that are fast enough to punish that, and I think only Gief can punish you with CA. So it’s pretty safe. Just be aware if for example you press st.lk after and your opponent presses a 5 frame normal, they will win and counter hit you.

Any video links or tips for BISON? he’s my nightmare right now.

Aargh, runaway Ken is doing my head in!!

That’s not a problem for Rashid since he can maneuver through Ken’s fireballs (neutral jumps, roll, wall jump, his “whirlwind-fireball”). Also, if they’re running away, just follow them and let them corner themselves B)

Thanks Super eel! I must admit, I’m terribly impatient, which is my biggest downfall I guess. I keep trying to charge in and I get stuffed by runaways and defensive players. I really need to learn to control my pace so I can control the pace of the fight.

Taken a few runaway Ken’s down… now on to turtle Ryu’s! :wink:

Chun IA LL should not be in the game. It makes the match-up lamer than it already is due to her ground game.

Can someone explain to these scrubs who rashids good match ups are and tell them to stop whining

Yeah. He seems especially hard.

A big part of my problem is in me being a scrub who can’t block crossups properly.
I tend to hit Bison’s with qcb k a lot though. And the knockdown will put you on their shit.

To mitigate against their rush down, I try to backdash just inside his jump range to try and stop him from using his jumping mk.
While doing this, I try to poke with hp, f hk and, of course, standing mk. Also, crouching mp is his goto AA.

But as yet, I can’t consistently keep him out.