Rashid Match-Ups Thread

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Yea I think I’ll stick to the parts of this site that talks about fighting games.

I have had problems dealing with his crossup in the corner, now I just wait for their jump and D + VSkill out of the corner. Works great. My main problem is knowing when I can interrupt his bs strings. I keep getting hit by what seems to be cr.mp, s.mp, s.fierce (the standing fire punch?) and I have to take it or get frame trapped. I’m going to have to hit the lap and figure out if there’s a button that can interrupt that bs.

A lot of frame traps are not as tight as you think. If you know it is 4 frames or worse and they are not too far away you always have st.lk to counter-hit or push them out.

Bison st.mp is +2 and cr.mp is 6 frame start-up sost.lk counter-hits the cr.mp before it is active. I use it against cammy players using that brain dead cr.mp cr.mp frame trap. The only issue is you get nothing off of it due to the push-back in a lot of the cases, but at least it will make them rethink mindless frame-traps. We are fortunate to have a 3 frame normal. If only st.lk was +7 on counter-hit then we could link a sweep and that would be magical.

I’m going to try the D + V Skill thing. That would be awesome if it’s a consistent AA option…
Like, trying that against Vega’s FBA shenanigans might prove useful too…

Also hoping that “bs” in your post really is “bullshit”, and not “blockstring”. Kappa

Nash just abused the hell out of his long-reaching back knuckle command normal. It LOOKS like it should be punishable on reaction, but that retreat of his messed me up. Any hints?

You have to get closer to him to sweep. We can’t punish it near max range.

Sometimes Karin can sweep you where you are unable to counter sweep back, use Lp spinning mixer to punish her.

Mk-> Stomp is not a true blockstring, punish him with ex ww

Man. A patient Gief is tough. They gave him some proper getting-in skills in this game!

Rashid’s normals feel pretty stubby against a Gief who’s content to take his time, walk in, poke, flex and block. I’m guessing that any long-range jumpin should be met with MP/EX Mixer, but does anyone have good ways to counter Dat Flex?

Bison is the bane of my existence so far matchup wise, tend to do fairly well against everyone but him.

Rashid normal attacks are stubby regardless of the opponent. I think his cr.mk should have its range extended a tad to reach from near max st.mp. It has the same range as his cr.lk at the moment.

Bison macth up seems hopeless buttons too good.

Bison matchup is just waiting for him to do stuff like his dashing and catching it with cr. mk and also AA. If you wanna rush him down then use buttons like st.lp or st.lk on counter hit both go into st.mp.

Also don’t be afraid of Bison’s plus frames on moves like EX Double Knee Press. When you have V meter use it a reset neutral. Bison has a tough time with that.

So necalli has been stomping mud holes in me from day one. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to play this match up? Up close I just end up eating his normals all day, even if I block i can’t seem punish anything and then the stomps start happening. Staying at full screen lets me punish Disc’s Guidance on whiff/block but it’s too much of a grind to stay/return full screen doing this for 99 seconds and without a horizontal projectile it’s difficult to bait anything from there either.

On the subject of options for punishing max-range sweeps (absolute edge of the hitbox and as meaty as possible):

Punishable with c.HP(1) xx H/EX Spike (166+ dmg):
[] Ken
] Zangief
[] Cammy
] R.Mika
[] Necalli
] Laura
[*] F.A.N.G

If they’re in the corner, you can use c.HP(1) xx d+V-S~K
> H Mixer lv.2
> CA

Punishable with s.MP xx M Spike (160 dmg):
[*] Vega

Punishable with c.LP xx M Mixer lv.2 (107 dmg):
[*] Bison

Punishable with c.HK (100 dmg):
[*] Ryu

Punishable with L Mixer lv.2 (40 dmg):
[] Chun
] Nash
[] Karin
] Rashid

Impossible to punish:
[] Dhalsim
] Birdie


To expand on your near corner punish you can do a MP Mixer before CA after the V-Skill kick.

Okay, what the hell is up with the priority on Ryu’s jumping attacks? The underside of his leg passed straight through my fist, dangit.

It seems starting Dhalsims REALLY like to use his slide up close. It seems properly punishable unless done at max range, but does anyone know the frame data on that?

I’d like to note that although it’s somewhat high risk, against characters who use primarily normals to anti-air, it is a viable tactic to use an airborne Eagle Spike (done from a regular jump, not V-skill) to beat their anti-air, if they expect you to only use a normal, since he hangs for a bit before descending. Again, although this is high risk, it’s better than having nothing available at all. This tactic is obviously not effective against anything that functions like Shoryuken since they come up to meet you.
I’ve also found that one of the best uses for the run version of Spinning Mixer is to tag people who like to back tech (especially after a mid-screen Eagle Spike, where they will end up a decent distance away) if you think they’re likely to do anything other than block or do a reversal (which is actually pretty common because lots of people think they can safely mash stuff or jump immediately when they end up that far away). It is -2, so this isn’t a tactic you can use often, but again, at least when you have a hard read you have this option available to you rather than nothing. And the run mixer DOES have good corner carry, especially mashed.

I’m having a very difficult time against Gief, the matchup definitely seems to be in his favour. Land 3 combos = one SPD and you’re on even footing. He seems to win in the footsie war and can easily blow up Rashid’s pressure game. Probably going to switch to Nash for this matchup.