RASHID Matchup Thread

I have enough friends.


he seems pretty safe on a lot of his moves. having trouble doing anything after blocked flying kicks. he seems to get just far enough out of range to punish.

MK Sonic Scythe does the trick against normal Eagle Spike (-20). Also possible to punish with f.HP at certain ranges. With the right timing, you should be able to hit them grounded so you can follow up with a V-Trigger cancel into a full combo.

EX Eagle Spike (-9) is tricky to punish because of where Rashid lands. If he lands close, you can sweep him if I remember correctly. Not so sure about this punish, but you could try using f.LK or CA to punish far landings.

ffs how do i fucking punish his jap and follow with tornado? sorry for sound angry. had this dude only abusing that move and he is weak af tbh

It’s -2 on block I’m pretty sure so if he hits a button and you hit a button, you should win.

So it seems like you have to block his dive kicks, both air and ground versions. Every time I attempt to stuff them I get beaten.
Didn’t think to punish with MK-Scythe. I felt lost before and was punishing with f.HK because I knew it would reach.

I did right an in depth punish list on Rashid in the Nash forums…It’ll cover all this. blocking no-mash tornado is a free throw attempt. They are -2, there fastest move is 3 and is out prioritized by throws. Mashed versions have guaranteed punishes. You can also punish his dive kicks WAY harder than m.SS (forcing you to go to the thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

[forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/207964/nash-punish-list-birdie-and-f-a-n-g-update-6-of-16-complete#latest](Nash Punish List (Necalli and Ryu Update, 8 of 17 complete)

I did check your thread earlier. It was only like, the second or third Rashid I’d ever played against though so I had no idea what the match up was about and was just trying to figure it out as I played. Next time I will be better prepared :slight_smile:

You can definitely punish the spinning mixer like people have said, since it’s -2 on block. However, I’ve also seen Rashids do EX spinning mixer right afterwards to catch my punish and it works sometimes. The four main scenarios I’ve seen after a blocked spinning mixer are: just block, you punish with S.LP >combo, Rashid catches your punish with EX spinning mixer, or grab. I’d say this scenario benefits Nash more since he has to use resource to do damage to you and you can just punish for free if he does anything else. Alternatively, you can V-reversal if you are close to a corner and don’t want to take more damage.

Please don’t provide misinformation in match ups. Jab Spinning Mixer when not fully mashed is only -2 on block, which is not punishable for Nash. If the Rashid players want to press offense you can use your jabs to check it. Rashid’s s.Short is 3f so with the -2 he’s sitting at 5f while Nash’s cr/s.Jab is 4f. If you’re timing on the check is off slightly you could end up trading or losing to his s.Short. The gimmicky thing that Rashid players will try to do is use EX Spinning Mixer to catch your button but the risk/reward is so skewed against their favor in this scenario. EX Spinning Mixer only does 150 damage and gives them a knockdown but leaves them in a Crush Counter state. Keep an eye on their meter and make a judgement call between checking their offense or late throw tech to block EX Mixer or tech their throw attempt. Obviously, if you block EX mixer do a crush counter combo and maybe they’ll think twice about doing it.

Other gimmicky setups you’ll see from Rash involve anything that’s -1 or -2 into EX mixer. So far I’ve seen s.Forward > EX Mixer, s.RH > EX Mixer, f.Strong > EX Mixer, and even d.V-Skill > EX Mixer.

Something interesting I found is that Nash’s Critical Art can punish the start up of Rashid’s V-Trigger.

try stay ground when he use his v-skill tornado