Rashid Or Birdie as pocket char


Ive kinda became comfortable enough to search for a 2nd just for fun character on the side im maining ken atm but i played him fair bit and now hes becoming kinda stale ive made a thread before asking about the cast but ive came down to these 2 rashid and birdie i really like both their style And seems super fun i was first leaning towards rashid but i heard his damage is the lowest And horrible so now i dont know anymore… Is it really that bad im still kind of a beginner since the only character i can play is ken so… But i really want some one new any thoughts ?
Cause im not sure maybe one of you pros can help to decide which one of those 2 is best for me

Most of you will say if your beginner stick to ken or ryu but ive done that since release And im kinda getting bored and want to explore now ive only used ken and ryu to learn the game like
Footsies,zoning,defence,offense,combos,throws and frame data,combos, ive kinda got the hang of that now so now i want to search a pocket char or even a new main to practise those some more well its down to birdie and rashid…
I did like the idea that ken could zone or be aggresive i like that maybe birdie or rashid has that as well?


Birdie is really strong, really good anti air in crouching medium punch, does a ton of damage with minimal execution requirements and has really good normals. Very simple high damage character only thing that can be kind of awkward is holding down a button to charge his bullhorn.

Rashid is more mixup/rushdown oriented depends on what play style you enjoy more being a wall or rush down. Birdie is ridiculously good though


Rashid has probably the lowest damage in the game, while Birdie has probably the highest That really doesn’t mean Rashid is bad though, as he also has the best mobility in the game and is really hard to keep locked down. I would say Rashid is a balance character that leans a bit more towards offense (he has good mixups, especially with his VT). If you are looking for someone who can both zone or go on offense I would say Rashid is a solid pick. Birdie is a long-ranged grappler with great buttons He has an amazing AA in his crouching medium punch, an an almost spammable standing medium kick, and an up close + long ranged command grab. Neither character is very technical/execution heavy imo, so I would say both suit a beginner.


As a Rashid main, I emplore you to pick Birdie as your pocket character. Unless you like working 4x as hard as your opponent for barely equivalent reward…

Birdie will take you much further than Rashid ever will in less time and effort on your part, just keep that in mind…


^ditto, birdie gets alot of mileage off really basic play


I thought birdie has a hard time dealing with rushdown character?