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If you’re looking for an answer to a specific question about Rashid, this is the place to ask. And if you know a lot about Rashid, swing by here from time to time to help answer the questions!

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What is the best option for Vegas wall jump?


You can use vskill to jump out the way and punish with heavy dive kick


Hi. Long time reader, first time poster.

Anyone know how to wind ride normal and ex wind shots?
And what kind of stuff can you do with the tech?


Just be in the air near a wind shot, and you’ll move forward. Setups like cr hp xx ex wind shot xx roll, neutral jump can set up ambiguous cross ups. It’s not entirely safe, but it’s a good shenanigan tactic to learn.


to get the effect you have to use the heavy or EX i believe, at least thats all that works for me. You can do HP(crushcounter) ex whirlwind shot - rolling assault(down+vskill) - cr. HP- st. MP -MK eagle spike as a good way to practice using the effect in the corner. Or just leave out the crush counter and start with Ex whirlwind shot. But heavy whirlwind shot into vskill either roll or flip throws you pretty far forward very fast.


Do you end your combo’s with spin mixer or eagle kick? What can i do after i knock them down with it?


Depends what you want. Lp.mixer no mash is 0 on hit so you can frame.trap with st.lk or throw. Mp.mixer full mash has best corner carry. Eagle spike has best damage and (I think k) best stun.


If you can, you want to hit confirm your cr lk > cr lp before you commit to mixer, and then just mash it out so you get the knockdown. That way you have access to all his meaty options. The easier version of this is just inputting the whole string, and confirming the mixer itself before you mash. If they block you’re at -2, so if your opponent isnt a scrub, then chill out because you’re on defense now; or if it hits confirm that and mash out to get the knockdown.

Other than that, yeah, do spike for damage. Mixer is to help carry to the corner and set up meaties.


How have you guys been dealing with fireballs? I have been having trouble with fireballs in general as rashid, My strat right now has just been trying to stay at almost full screen then you can roll under, or front flip dive kick to punish. Any other suggestions? Lk whirlwind shot seems to lose fireball wars


^ V skill over into dive kick (doesn’t work on nash, but empty v skill at least gets me in) or if I am mid screen, on prediction jump in heavy kick (deceptive horizontal range), st HP,qcb HK for 240 DMG.

Never had much sucess with roll, I just can’t seem to get the timing right. I don’t really find roll to be all that useful if I am honest


Yea same here and when it’s miss timed i get blown up, I wish it had faster start up or something


Don’t forget airborne Eagle Spikes (QCB+K during forward jump). Simply being able to change your jump arc is valuable for avoiding projectile traps.


Nothing wrong with a nice simple neutral jump as well. Jumping forward/using v-skill really commits you to the situation. You can then try to get a read on the likely ensuing FB.


It’s strange to read everones lack of success with roll kick. It’s my main way to punish fireballs (excluding Nash) and if you’re midscreen you get instant corner.


Roll vskill works fine for me as well, you can instant vskill in to ex ES for a more potent punish. Tiger knee ex ES works as well but its kind of weird to execute and you also have to be spaced correctly for it to hit. Vskill roll or jump to es both work just use what your most comfortable with honestly.


You might be doing it too early from a far range? To pull it off you need to be at least mid range and do it so you start it up with the fireball already close to you. If you’re early-mid roll when you touch the fireball it will just hit you. I’ve used it a lot of times to punish Ryu’s fireball and it works 90% of the time.

Another nice use of it is cancelling your own HK fireball into the roll and then if they hit a button you can kick, if not just land and throw. It’s fast enough to catch some people off guard.


What are Rashid’s best buttons for the meaties previously mentioned in this topic (for after mixer knockdown)?


New to Rashid… This might be a silly question but what is his standing overhead? Thanks.


6hp. -4 on block (so jab punishable). 0 on hit.

Bonus, you can use it through vtrigger for a half screen overhead.