Raspberry Pi


so has anyone tried to make one of these into an arcade machine? considering buying 1 for this purpose.

Booting Puppy Arcade from either sd card or usb hard drive preloaded with roms.
attach usb arcade sticks either through the 2 ports on model b, or more likely a powered hub and finally playing through tv with hdmi.

Any thoughts?

another version of Linux running Wah!Cade is also an option and could be more flexible for non gaming use.


Oh I think I know what you are trying to do. And this project has been done many many many times before using a PC (windows or Linux) and MAME.


Would the CPU/GPU be powerful enough? I’ve got an old P4 3.0 single core that I was thinking of tossing into a cabinet, but it really lags behind on certain games (most specifically Cave shooters).


Older PCs are perfect for most Mane Cabs.

Keep in mind there are some arcade games that will lag regardless of the system specs of your PC.
Other than Cave shooters, another example is The Metal Slug series, which lags on every port and emu out there.

Question is does the game lag in the arcades? If the Question is Yes then don’t sweat it.

A Old P4 3.0 ghz Single core is more than enough for most emulators. Hell you can get away with a Pentium III 900 Mhz cpu on most mane cab rigs


Well the RasPi is pretty much the ideal MAME platform. Its small (the size of a cigarette pack), cheap (25 dollars), and it has RCA Video output (meaning it can connect to a tube TV for a more authentic arcade experience). For 40 bucks you can get it and a very nice plastic enclosure for it (if you don’t want to make one yourself) and pretty much have a good little MAME box.

If you wanted to get crazy you could mount the whole setup inside a double stick and have an arcade stick with video outputs that functions as a self contained MAME box. Which I now totally want to do as my next project.


…that would be brilliant. You could probably even mount the Pi inside the case in such a way that the video outputs wouldn’t need any sort of pass through. Then you’d only have to worry about audio output if you’re using the RCA. If you really wanted to get crazy, you could just mount some 2-3" speakers into the thing.

Fund it!


can anyone confirm which fighting game roms run well on the raspberry pi via mame? i am guessing third strike may be asking a bit much…does alpha 3 run?


i built a 2p stick with a astro city panel with two p360+s and i thought about adding one of these.


hmmm well I read a guide linked from the Raspberry Pi homepage where a user got workin but said SF2 lagged. However I have seen video of Metal Slug 3 running perfectly which is very confusing. could do with some feedback on performance.
Ideally I would want CVS2 (is that right? or am I just gettin acronyms mixed up, been a while since i was into the emu scene) support for games like M vs C, JoJos etc, or even networkable emus like ggpo or kawaks (if kawaks is still relevant)

lol CPS 1-3




Well its an ARM processor, so basically a phone. I cant imagine it can handle a game like CVS2 or MvC. In theory you’ll need a Linux build of GGPO for an ARM compatible distro. The SF2 thing must be an emulator issue, because there are a ton of ARM compatible emulators that have run it fine on worse specs than the RasPi.

I’m not sure if it can do MvC or not, it MAY be able to, but my Open Pandora struggles to do it and the RasPi is slightly beefier than the Pandora. But the games you’re suggesting are the sort of far end of PC emulation as far as that generation of gaming is concerned so you’re probably better doing it with a real PC. Especially if you want to run GGPO/Supercade.