Rasputin's fireballs 'n' shit tournament

1v1 Street Fighter IV tournament
2v2 Street Fighter IV tournament

February 27 2010

**Sign Ups: **
11 am (this is when doors open also.)

Singles Start up time: 12:30pm

Doubles Start up time: 4pm

-You can preregister on this thread to reserve your spot, but you still will need to checkin and pay at tournament 30 minutes prior to whichever tournament you are participating in, or you will lose your spot. You will need to send me a PM to preregister.

University of California Santa Cruz, located at 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz

Will be held in the Namaste Lounge, located on Campus at College Nine 500 McLaughlin Dr.

Break Down:
Entree Fees:
-$1 Registration (For room reservation will not go to pot)
-$5 dollars per person to compete in Singles bracket
-$10 dollars per team to compete in Doubles bracket
All money from entree fees for Singles and Doubles will go in to a prize pot


Cash prize for 1st and 2nd and 3rd ( 1st- 70%, 2nd- 20%, 3rd- 10%)

-Doubles and Singles will obviously have separate pots-

Tournament Rules/ Info
*All people who intend to participate in competition must register at least 15 minutes prior to start of specific tournament, so Singles before 12:15 pm and Doubles before 3:45 pm
*All players must report to Staff member within 5 minutes of call for their match
*Best 2 out of 3 matches in normal competetion: Best 3 of 5 matches in Finals
*Double elimination tournament (You lose twice and your out)

*Team Play Rules:
-Team 1 has Player A and Player B
-Team 2 has Player C and Player D
-Player A plays Player C first match
-Player B plays Player D second match
-if a team hasn’t won both matches at this point, then for the third match, the winner of the first match plays the winner of the second match. So if Player A wins the first match, and Player D wins the second, then the third will be Player A vs Player D.
*Teams can contain two of the same characters.
*A doubles team is made up of 2 members, not 3 members that alternate

*The tournament will be held on PS3, and it is bring your own sticks, so plan accordingly
We will not supply sticks if you dont have one

—Requesting Help from the community—
We need set ups, tvs, PS3s, and copies of SFIV. We currently only have two, possibly three, set ups and need many many more. Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated. Help support the Street Fighter 4 community.