Rasterbating like crazy

Recently moved into my first apartment for school and decided to make up for the lack of furniture with some wall decorations.

Rasterbating is blowing up an image into dots, which is easy to do with this free program which lets you choose image size and dot size (high resolution images are ideal, of course).

i wanted a girl on my wall but didn’t want to be too typical so i made something with 4 different pics:


tape job was kind of sloppy with the spacing, but it looks cool nonetheless – i highly recommend rasterbating as a cheaper way of getting posters, and ones that arguably look cooler as well.

Are those all individual pieces of paper that you printed? If so, holy moly what a waste of ink. Furthermore, if you are gonna put a girl on your wall, at least put one up that is scantily clad or almost naked. Go big or go home.

eh, not a big fan of trashy posters.

and it’s unlimited printing here, i pay enough tuition as it is.

Don’t think the point of the poster is so he has something to jack off to.

I like cool concept basically free posters why not? Plus those college dorms are lacking anyways I approve.

Man i wanted to rasterbate the iron chefs on my blinds, so when i close my blinds you can see the image. I got three windows and i live on a major road it would work perfectly. Just the overall project would be so time consuming.

that would be a pretty epic project

@pheraii, lol
cool idea for pics