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You can’t change the layout on vita?! That’s crazy! Yeah. I’m getting a Vita soon and this game is already mine for it (THANK YOU CROSS-BUY!!!). I’m definitely going to suggest adding that feature in.


Yeah, after playing it on Vita first, I assumed it must be the same for ps3, and was surprised that the option to change controls was there. Level playing field and all.

Ya’ll better stay up in the air though… cuz my ground frog is feROCiouS!! yeah… stay up there…


You can punish your opponents wakeup grab with very low jump 2 and still get a full combo.


OOOH! Gotta check that out! I’d love to punish the grab happy Sackboys! I don’t remember the recovery on that move. Good enough to defend against rolls?


I like to leapfrog my teslas and inch my way towards opp sometimes. Also if I have a tesla setup near a downed opp I’ll run past them and put down a trap. Also if someone is stuck on block I’ll run right past them and put down a tesla.


Okay, so all Ratchet’s need to use da burp more. I mean charge it when you can all the time. It is a VERY strong move. It staggers opponents who are blocking (I didn’t know this until just recently), when fully charged (glowing mouth), which you can combo after, at closer ranges with wrench throw, for 150 AP easy (I made a video of it and posted it below). It blows away anyone not blocking or in the air for 30 AP, and punishes blocking itself! It is extremely tough to beat!

If you unleash a full burp and you’re out of wrench throw range (you get the feel for it quick) you can still use the triple pistol for 70AP (I think). Max range doesn’t seem to allow for anything to connect, but you can still be on the offensive which Ratchet doesn’t get the opportunity to do much.

It can defend well against rolls too with quick turns, but I can’t think of many situations where this would be happening against smart opponents. Maybe if they’re coming up through a platform.

Either way, this move has a lot of potential and should be used more often. Heli-Clank gliding with a burp is great too. Think of it as a big ol’ shield. People jumping at you can be punished pretty easy. Directly under you is another story, but gliding into that is a bad idea from the beginning.

It has a couple of weaknesses though. First, it can be punished if whiffed on someone who jumps it or block rolls towards you. Considering the hitbox goes decently far up and basically comes out in an instant, it would be near impossible to do that on reaction. Second weakness, once you charge da burp, you have to burp. You can’t cancel out of it. At least I haven’t found a way to. That means no blocking (blocking with a charge only release the burp). If you need to get out of a burp charge, you have to either be hit (not a good option at all), fall into a hazard/water, or let it rip. Jump burping doesn’t offer much of a faster recovery, although double jump away and burp away offers a lot of defensive movement which better increases of your chances of not getting punished. Still, you have to remember, this move is really good. There should be no reason that you wouldn’t want to unleash a full burp on someone unless they have a stocked up super that could punish you. Still, it’s instant and can interrupt most of level 1’s and many others. Just know the rock paper scissors of it all.

So now when you have a chance to escape the action for a second, or after every triple pistol, up rocket, or any other move the throws the opponent away including a burp itself, charge that burp. I hope all this helps! Now, go forth and conquer!



Don’t know if anyone here knows but ratchet and raiden have a fun move for raiden’s lv.1

if ratchet throws wrench out it lits you and your juggled into raiden’s lv.1 super. Annoying as hell but a good strategy.


Makes sense, and although I’m glad my house has the decency to not play Raiden, I’ll make a note of it.

Also, not sure if people have discussed it much here, but I think the most fun of Ratchet’s zoning is jumping really low off the ground and immediately doing a charged sniper shot. If done at the right speed, it can combo into the next sniper shot, or (and I prefer this) the sitdown state it creates leads a frame trap against jumping away. If you’re far away they don’t have many options but wading through the bullets, and if they’re closer you can catch their rolls with a f1, f2, or maybe even a grab. Even more fun, I find you can really quickly adjust it up or down right before you fire and not slow down the startup speed of the attack, not to the point that it matters, anyway. Good reactions are really rewarded in this scenario. It’s a pain to get around and looks cool to boot. If you jump a bit higher or are doing it on slightly uneven ground, it also makes the Radec matchup much easier. I definitely recommend doing what I’m going to call tiger-knee’d sniper shots much more often than the grounded or hover-really-high variety.


j.d2, the Buzz Blades, is gold in Free For All. It doesn’t build the best meter, but it’s incredibly disrupting and is a great source of opponent AP denial. It’s fast, highly spammable, and the projectiles 1) cause hitstun 2) move quickly 3) bounce everywhere. If you’re getting into your zoning game but Kratos or Raiden is down in the fray comboing the hell out of everything, they will outmeter you quickly. Ruin their meter build by interrupting combos from on high. Careful about spamming this too much in public matches. It’s incredibly annoying and, in every single instance I’ve overused it, has quickly made me the primary target of at least 1 other player.

It has more limited use in 2v2 and 1v1. 2v2 it’ll mostly be used for air-to-ground harassment and safely interrupting combos on your partner, although from most positions a j.3 will do this better as the buttdrop will often allow your friend to return with a combo of his own. In 1v1 it will almost purely be for harassment, although it might find some use interrupting potential anti-airs when you’re trying to get your air mobility on. Admittedly I haven’t played much 2v2 or 1v1 so it may have some other utility I’m just not seeing.

One last note, standing d2 over a ledge works okay, but it’s slower than j.d2 and generally comes out at a less favorable angle. It can be used to anti-air when not on a ledge I guess but 9 times out of 10 it’s inferior to u1 and/or u2.


thanks for this, really good advice. I haven’t done much incorporating the follow ups, but I can already see it’s very useful for uneven ground (particularly ramps and the steps on columbia). It covers the space that u2, 2, d2, even f1 don’t really cover which is huge when you get stuck with those stages. Character height is a good thing to be mindful of because while a good brunt of the cast you can just shoot, a few you have to aim down or you’ll go over their heads


How come I am seeing the s2 getting a crumple in the videos? when I do it it shoots them back across the level if i charge it, and if i shoot it normally they fall over normally. but in the videos it causes a slow crumple…


It causes crumple if they are blocking. That’s what makes that move so dangerous. The opponent has no option but avoid or hit you, and both are pretty tough with the move’s range and crazy long active frames.


So, I’m going to make a Ratchet guide, because, well, that’s fun. I’m curious, is there a way to get out of Ratchet’s “infinite” forward throw when they’re cornered? My friends just don’t know how so I’ve stopped doing it, so I don’t appear douchey, but it’s something I should probably put in the guide.


Jump. You cannot be thrown while airborne and you can jump the instant you wakeup. Actually better yet short-jump-air-dodge to avoid both throws and attacks.


Anyone have any AP burst combos that don’t use the wallbounce? For some reason I’ve been having issues landing it mid match.


n2, s2, s2, u1, u2


S1,S1, Jump, 1,1,1, jump cancel right after the final 1 and then snipe them. 130 ap Works midscreen and very well with a wall near by as well.

Charged 2 against a blocking opponent, S1, S1, U1, U2. 150 ap


130 AP burst: j.1,1, JC, j.2, f.1, f.1, u.2.

You can extend a little by going u1 before u2, but I find it pretty hard to combo these. If you can, that’s 150 AP burst.

Edit: Dunno if it’s common knowledge, but you can set up super 2 easily after a f.1. Just end your combo in f.1, activate super and walk forward a little bit before hitting 1 with Clank.

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I’ve got a Ratchet guide on the way, it’s done and awaiting youtube. I’ll have a link up when it uploads!