Rate C.Viper's Learning Curve and Payoff

Rate how hard the learning curve is to reach high level play with C.Viper out of 10. Then rate how well it the learning curve pays off once you get really good out of 10. Rate like this:

Learning Curve:[Insert score here]/10
Payoff:[Insert score here]/10

Learning Curve:8/10

she wins until people catch on to what shes doing (even with continuous mix ups and fakes it only prolongs it). too many flaws in high lvl play but fun none the less : (

Learning Curve:8/10
Payoff: 9/10

everyone wins untill ppl catch on to what their doing so im not going to put her down for that, i have been playing her since console release and the payoff is great, her hard execution moves teach you have to be precise, she teaches you alot faster after the learning curve.she might not be as good as some other characters but she has the tools to win. only complaint is even with all her mixups and stuff i wish they would buff her life just a tiny hair not alot at all lol, but that would prob make her to good.

Thanks for responses so far.

Learning Curve: 7/10
Payoff: 9/10

I thought the learning curve would be harder than it is, that’s not saying it’s easy though. I’m finding now that I’m starting to be able to do the more advanced things on call when I need them. The only thing I can’t pull off is a SJC Focus to Ultra and that’s probably only cause I haven’t really practiced it.

The payoff is great, once you can nail everything you find you can win a lot easier, before that though you’ll suffer a lot of losses. If you can win matches by being cautious and sticking to fundamentals, once you get a grip on the harder stuff everything comes together quite quickly. I probably started playing her a month ago at the most and It’s only really in the past week and a half that I can win pretty consistently. Hope that helps.


Learning Curve: 9/10
Payoff: 8/10

I’m not a top level Viper, but here’s how I see it. I put the learning curve high just because, in terms of all the other characters, she has one of the highest ones, not necessarily because it may or may not be a 9/10 in terms of pure difficulty. That all depends on the person. However, Viper is not a character you can play casually, I’ve learned this the hard way.

As for the payoff, I personally find her incredibly frustrating to play, but also incredibly fun. She’s certainly a different character with her own unique play style, and I enjoy that. Whereas, if you look at other characters, a lot of them have at least 1 or 2 others with similar play styles.

So, I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a high end perspective, but I hope a learning perspective will help you out with what you’re looking for ^^


Learning curve: 7/10
Payoff: 10/10

She’s just too damn fun to play with. Once you can land her combo’s it makes it all the better, it has a good mixture of flashiness and damage output. Stuns are always nice too.

Learning curve 12/10.


^ Hey, I was going to post 12/10. So I’ll go 13/10 just to one up you, and because the player choosing to main C. Viper is unlucky to choose the hardest character in SFIV.

Payoff all depends on how proficient you become. For me, it was 7/10 at most due to difficulty of execution. But then, SFIV is only the second fighting game I’ve taken seriously.

Learning curve: 10/10

I have never played a more physically demanding character ever. After learning Viper, you’re practically a certified surgeon. Plus, she doesn’t play like any other character so you have to approach this game in a different way.


Being honest and unbiased (as hard as it is for me because I love her), I think she’s got glaring flaws that come into play regardless of execution. Comparing old pro videos to recent pro videos shows this; she seems to hit a wall when people learn her. Her great mixup game can remedy this to a point, but too many moves in this game shut down all of her options easily. She’s got some serious swag, though.

That payoff worries me there. I don’t mind the learning curve, but if I run into a major wall due to no discovered tactics at a certain level of play, then that turns me off big time.

Learning curve-> 10/10

Payoff-> 9/10

If you are getting “figured out” you are being too predictable, she has way too many tools to be “figured out”. Sure one can have full knowledge of the options she has, but they are so plentiful there is no way someone can know which one you will pick unless you don’t make them respect them all.

Good to hear, that’s a sigh of relief. Also, I knew a few people have already mentioned it, but from what my friend says, C.Viper is supposed to be godly once you learn how to play her.

I think you’re assuming that people have to guess right 100% against her, which I don’t think is the case. I said that her mixup game was strong, which helps her from becoming predictable, but again, there are other characters moves that can shut down a lot of her offensive options.

Not a lot there are some, but unless you choose to play Sagat or maybe Ryu there is gonna be someone that gives you trouble specifically based on their tools. Everyone has weaknesses, Viper has the tools to change a matches momentum completely in a small amount of time, so even against her bad matches she has the ability to pull something out of her ass like a sjc’d normal into utlra. Certainly they don’t have to guess right 100% of the time, but Viper is given the damage to make someone be very sorry for trying to be too aggressive against her low health.

If it helps, I have a TE stick.

learning curve: 9/10
payoff: 11/10

this might be alittle long

i started to main viper about 2 months ago and only now am i starting to practice her more advanced moves. like crouching med. kick SJC cross up BK. fierce punch SJC ultra and so on. picking viper as your main takes alot of time. she is vicious with cross ups and mix up game. to me, no one can touch her in means of mix up game. watching top japanese players handle viper would scare the shit outta me. execution has to be spot on, especially linking to her ultra. which has strict frame timing, but also the most versitile ultras in the game. nearly every single move can connect to her ultra. her SJC and stun value make up for her low HP. i say it’s worth it. you can only make so much mistakes with her, before you bite the dust from 4 tiger uppercuts. my worst match ups has to be blanka, gief, honda, and el fuerte. but that’s just me.

as for the payoff, i’d say that nothing’s more satisfying than to see your opponent’s face after you brutally murder them with viper. it’s that face they make that says, “WTF did i get myself into?” more importantly, not that much people actually know the match-up against viper. most people underestimate her for having low health and difficulty learning. that’s always a plus knowing that you’ll always keep your opponent guessing. i’ve had people online complain that they don’t know the match up and that’s the reason they’ve lost. at my local arcades, the regulars that go there flip out that i use viper. the first time i used her there, they thought i was a noob. after i won, they gave me props for using the hardest character to master. it feels good, no, good is an understatement. it’s fucking awsome. playing viper is always a crowd pleaser with her flashy moves and unpredicable mix up. it’s hard not to be impressed at a viper player that wins matches. i’ve had a lot of mains up until now, and i can say i have never had so much fun with viper. she’s the only reason i’m still playing sf4.

Thanks. Also, DaveyDave808 how often do you find yourself winning?