Rate/critique my first avatar

To the left of this is my very first avatar attempt, using Photoshop 7. One thing is for sure: I desperately need to learn how make better borders.

So, what would you guys rate my first av on a scale of 1-10? 1 being garbage, 10 being fantastic.

6:i rated this cuz its ok, keep practicing!!

6: It’s not too exciting overall, but the layout/composition is pretty good. It definately shows potential (not that I’m an expert or anything :).)

– tru3tn01
"down for the cause"

Heh, looks amazingly nice for someone, who just has started to work with photoshop. Only the font is a little misplaced - mine too, btw :rolleyes:
My first steps weren’t that good.

Keep up the work and try some basic stuff out to improve your skills. Sadly, that I don’t make good advances. ;(

That shit suck.:smiley:

Edit: Sorry, forgot a word

That shit sucks ass

:lame: :lame:

Thanks for the constructive criticism.

Are there any places where I could download better fonts? And, do you guys think the avatar isn’t that exciting because of the images I chose to use, or just my lack of experience with the right effects?

Edit: Can someone instruct me on how to make those techno/computer effects in avatars, like the ones present in Liquid Stone’s? Is there a site that explains this?

www.1001fonts.com :smiley:

As for the effects bro, i think you gotta figure em out for yourself…If i told you how…i’ll basically be giving you my style :smiley:


Oh those kinds of effects! Easy just use the polygonal lasso tool. To make straight edges hold down -shift- while you’re using the tool. Make some wacky designs and see what you like best. Also when doing tech effects it’s nice to use the other marquee tools also like the Circular or the Rectangle…come in major handy :smiley: hope i helped a bit more


The av is not quite appealing because for one, the colors are kinda bland…although nice choice when matching skin tones :smiley: :cool: Another thing is that i can’t quite put my finger on…it’s that it doesn’t have the sertain feel that it’s…-YOUR- avatar. Hmmm…o.O’ i’ll try to define laters :smiley:

Sorry mang, uhmmm but if you need any other tips (non-style related) i’ll be glad to help out

As for the avatar i give it a 7:10 Very nice, colors are well chosen for joes skin tone. Background pic could have been autmented slightly. The size is original. Not your standard 160X64…so that’s a plus…always try something daring…it just might work out that way bro :smiley: And if you can’t ever find ANY text to go with the tag or av you make (believe me this happens) just put something on there so you KNOW that it’s yours :smiley: Just in case some asswadd comes and tries to steal yo shiet :smiley: :lol: hope i helped a lil bro

Take it easy.

-Hybrid Fury- AKA Kyosuke87

www.dafont.com < i think

that’s where i get mine… angry blue, imo is the hottness

Thanks a lot for the detailed critiquing job, as well as the fonts link and instruction on the techno effects.

One thing concerns me greatly though. You said, “Another thing is that i can’t quite put my finger on…it’s that it doesn’t have the sertain feel that it’s…-YOUR- avatar. Hmmm…o.O’ i’ll try to define laters…” Please do define what you mean by this. This doesn’t sound too good.

my guess… its cause it does not define YOUR own style… i mean thought its a pic, it shoul define you and it should be done in a way that is part of you… or at least thats my quick take on it…

ur av is pretty good from what i can see…im not really a fan of avatars with sprites but i guess if thats ur style then go with it

ive only started to make avatars too…prolly been goin at it for about 2 or 3 weeks now…my advice to u is to always listen to advice but if u dont want to take it or use it then dont…when i get advice from people i either use it or do the exact opposite of what they are telling me…do whatever makes u feel good and enjoy it…

oh yeah i just made this av im wearing now…rate me if u wish…i would like some feedback