Rate me thread (vids)

Basically you host a vid somewhere and ask ppl to rate you and/or give you tips and things.

so Il start.
me left.


if link doesn’t work just go on yt and search up cvs2 mtl
both vids are mine.


i give you 10/10

good thread, will be keeping and eye on it and maybe I can go ocv pimp willy sometime and show some of my vids

very nice


to the people giving 10/10:
Whats wrong with you people???

I’m sorry but all I see are missed hits into super, hits into no super, jump, jump, crossup, run in dps, roll super.

I was thinking the same thing. Im no pro but even I’m better than that. Work on execution and dont jump around so much.


Knockdown hit caused rage, followed by wake-up super at the first possible moment (world record?).

10/10 easily for that tactic alone.

God. Considering the commentary maybe I should abstain from watching.

Pretty nice matches, missed alot of open doors. Isn’t Rugal best air move his roundhouse?

Nick - shut the fuck up dude. Not like you’re any better… don’t mind nick, blazn. Anyways, i think you’re hella fucking good. 10/10. Again, SHUT THE FUCK UP NICK…I’ll shove a pokeball up your ass.

Oh man, I am sooooo wrong.
Oy vey my brainsssaboillin’’’'
best roll super ever

watching that made me wanna cry

granted, blazn did some ok stuff with C-rock, but that’s about it, the other guy had no idea what he was doing, at all, I didn’t see him do a single thing remotely smart or close to correct

then I see stuff like random wakeup supers, completely whiffed roll supers, lots of jumping around and not a single antiair, and random RC godpresses for the win, and c lp lp c mk -> rising tackle?

I’ll say blazn does know some stuff, but…10/10? I sure hope that that was just some horrendously translated sarcasm, or just being plain mean

I won’t rate it, cuz I’d try to give it a negative score for making C-rugal look so shitty, you didn’t even try to get a good number of hits from the genocide heaven damnit, you got like 2 hits with the level 2, I didn’t even know you can get that little hits with a level 2…

if that gets 10/10, I don’t wanna know what you did when the daigo full parry happened or when ino killed daigo or something, you must’ve like, just disintegrated from the sheer aura of it

dunno, maybe you guys are trying to be nice, except this is what happens when you give people false hope


that’s a quake 4 promo match at E3, world champion vs some poor sap who thought he had a chance cuz he beat some morons who probably play halo and thought he was good

You can get 1 hit with Blanka DL.


I think HAK just needs to lay off the sarcasm in general. Pretty please.

Now seriously, not to sound like a dick cuz there are sub-par matches of myself floating around (without my consent of course), but posting videos like that will get criticism of course. How many times did you miss an opportunity into super? When your Rock was raged, you did a super-less b&b cuz you were too focused on landing that low jump into super. What is that. Your opponent fell for it eventually, maybe you need to post matches where your opponents are better. I don’t really see why you posted these up.

Not sure what to rate this in terms of a number. Posting matches where you dominate someone works best if you yourself are playing really well. You were not…

the first match, the rock was pretty decent.

second match was pretty bad, especially the shotos and blanka. this looked like a 2001 cvs2 match. like everyone else mentioned, a lot of opportunities to combo into super that were missed.

thanks for the critisism guys. lol I obviously know I do suck thats why on the side it says mtl newbs =P.

well what I was really looking for was constructive critisism and stuff.
as you can tell by my K groove… im more of a rush down. I cant really play C without any defence from normal AA or something.

Hail and Kill. Thanks for the rate but those guys are right, a 10 on 10 is too good.

il post more vids with me losing to more better people soon =).


Ok i’m going to stop being a prick now.

If you want to get better, stop rushing so much until you learn the mechanics and situations of the game. Then this way you’ll know the risks involved with whatever you try to do.

Start with that.

lol nah its not my style.
Im like trial and error kinda guy.
if I die from too much error then oh well right?

Well, look at it like this, if you “rush” you’re basically open.
Learning to check (or at least keep an eye out for) your openings when you rush
will prevent them from knocking you off them and either putting you on the receiving end or simply resetting the match again and again.