Rate my Balrog

Just wondering where my rog stands up im just wondering what im doin wrong or doin well, i dont mind good or bad critiscm, heres a link


check out my page for mroe matches and if anyone wants to have there matches recorded just send me a message and we will set something up.

I say its pretty good, compared to the other Balrogs. That Gen was not very good, but from what I saw, yeah you did well. IMO though

Aside from that gen being poorly played, your balrog needs some matchup improvements. it looked like you don’t get many gen opponents and you kept trying to focus attack his wall dives. You also didn’t react very well to his slow overhead while in PPP stance. I’d go into training and practice blocking them. He has an overhead with his arm going top-to-bottom, and in one of the stances (i forgot which) he can do the same thing but his arm goes bottom-to-top and hits low.

You could also study up on your post-overhead options against specific characters. You attempted a c.short xx special combo on crouching Gen but it will never work. The only option is c.rh.

That Gen was horrible. Comeback when you have some bettercompetition.

Your Rog was pretty ass.

1 out of 10

It was a good Rog, but the Gen ad no knowledge of the matchup it seems

EDIT: Watched a few of your vids. You use a lot of meter where you really don’t need to.

yea you guys make good points i do have to play better people and i didnt kmow that overhead short headbut dont link, its good thanks 4 the meter tip i really should never use it unless i need to