Rate my combo.


Back when Makoto was actually a pretty good character…



You know you can do that combo without the stun right?


I do know that.




that combo got banned


Very basic


Do the Double Fukiage, and then do another Double Fukiage as a combo ender. Then I’ll be impressed.

…by the way, do this combo on Chun-Li and record it on video.


10 points possible (without any deductions)

A training mode combo? -2
A jump in combo? -2
Cool links(cool, besides you[Hayate looked like it linked, and super]) at the end? +1
Half life bar? Misleading! -1
On Ryu in his home? -1

5/10, which is like taking a class in school, finishing, and leaving with a feel like you knew enough about the material, but still having failed it because you didn’t do any homework.


I also just realized this, but I don’t think j.HK connected into HP. This should have been an 8-hit combo.



I retract my previous rating and give you a -2 on no combo combo.

so 3/10.




Meh, after hearing about the easy 21-hit Ken combo nothing gets me impressed anymore


What are you implying here…?


sf4 makoto is ass compared to 3s makoto…


What the hell are you talking about?


Hayate to super actually links, you just need good timing.


we know. we’ve been here for years.

in the first version of AE, she was good. no idea about 2012 (lol @ naming fighting games after years madden-style).


yeah i know. In 2012 she is better than super, but worse than AE.


3rd Strike Shit Edition Makoto trial 3 without a standing strong and standing short. Also wasn’t a combo.


Why did you incorrectly quote me? Also, why doesn’t the beginning of your combo, combo?