Rate my design!

2 ideas so far. Thinking of going with the first one. what say you?!



I’ll agree with you that the first one is the one to go with out of the two. The 2nd one is just… plain and odd…

Some points:

  1. The pictures (for our viewing and critique) are too large and run sluggish on crappier computers (mine).

  2. The 2nd one looks better than the first but seems inconsistent. There’s not really a theme and doesn’t seem to fit together. It’s like abstract randomness and could use some color tweaking at least.

Those are my $.02 anyways. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. Some people like colorful and flashy. Other people (like me) enjoy a more minimalist approach.

lol i like the 2nd one

1st one is just cool, that is all

I like the first one the second one just seems kinda silly and seems it would get old fast.

This belongs in the image mishmash thread.