Rate my latest works

Hey guys, here’s some of my latest stuff. What do you think? I’ll post them in a seperate message:

Here’s another one:

And another:

Can’t tell what is really going on in your avatars. But keep working at it bro. I’m sure you will improve over time. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

www.deviantart.com <—go there (if you don’t already know of it)

It’ll give you SOOO much help on things you couldn’t even imagine.

Also try to work outside of avatars. Try bigger sizes. Once you learn to use your space more wisely, avatars will be a breeze :smiley:

I’m not feelin the text.

Not bad. I like the Sakura one best, it’s just that the bg is a little to bright. The Neji one would be my top pick if the animation was longer, it’s just too short.

Yeah, I agree with the Neji one. But the main problem was that the file was going to be too big if I added more frames to the naimation. My best, IMO, is the one I’m sporting right now, featuring Uchiha Itcahi.