Rate My Match! Dan (DropDeadEddy) Vs Seth (Jrmillionares95)

Any tips? I did win a couple matches but any advice welcome

put me on the edge of my seat

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNGLGnfWHys&feature=feedf link to my match

Stand MP links to Far HK with Dan… wow! (oh, on counterhit)

jrmillonaire is an salty ass scrub. i remember when he booted me out his lobby just because i punish his sonic boom with yang ultra 2.

as for the match, good stuff. i like your dan. and that st.mp ch link to far hk was pretty sexy.

Any tips for this kind of player and character with Dan?

Both of you were jumping around like madmen and no one was anti airing. Also don’t start mashing SRK as soon as someone starts comboing you. :s

I seem to use Dankukyaku’s far more than you do–I open with lights against opponents getting up, blocking, etc. I cross this up with medium and fierces so that they don’t know how many hits to expect, and I can catch them over (or under) blocking, leaving me open to grabs.

I use the grabs consistently, as most characters do not and most players aren’t expecting it. Once I’ve done it a few times and they’re expecting it, I start shuffling back and forth between grabs and attacks, like fierce kicks and medium punches, opening me up to some other combos (or just drop a KRK, or a KRK xx something.)

I’m not saying that this is better, I’m just offering my advice, as I didn’t see you use Dankicks often, and I find them to be a crucial part of my game. Not only do they do great damage, they’re a fantastic opener, set up a grab/punish game, and really help the rushdown / pin-in-the-corner effect I’m looking for. YMMV.