Rate my MVC tattoo


Just finished the first session!


Looks like crap.


Yeah but can you tridash tho


only three characters are top tier in that tattoo.


Tattooing actual functions onto your arms…

No wonder them arms look weak af.


Word…dudes arms look like a slab of spam

As for the tattoo itself? 0/10. You don’t have Roll in your tat…she’s the most broken. Scrub nigga


Spam got more protein in it then this dudes hot gristle arms.


You guys are savage.





you are a disgrace



Should’ve waited till it scabbed over to post. Especially if you are not getting it fillled/shaded more


Zangief looking like Rick Ross on that tattoo nigga. -1/10 nigga


Did you even make top 8 at your local tourney?


Not bad for Michael J Fox’s first attempt as an artist.

Juggernaut looks like fat Femto.

Captain Commando looks like he’s in the middle of being absorbed by Geif.


Zoo, shut the fuck up. You’re so small that if you got the same tattoo you’d have to go with the chibi version of every character to make it fit.


I went back to check and 'bout spit my fucking drink out.

Trying to be positive, though; that MvC art was always one of my favorites.


I have to agree with Syke1. Let that tat heal first.


Its a bit hard to make out. Hopefully it’ll be more refined in the next sitting some bolder outlines and some color could make all the difference.


Not bad. It will definitely look better when u get it filled in tho.


That’s probably about what stockyjam’s herpes riddled stick looks like