Rate my Necro!(Kaillera Vids)

Some recent vids of me playing on kaillera(not p2p and a bit laggy). Rate me!
There’s 8 clips I’m uploading them one by one

#1 [media=youtube]XyyDuTNmXwo[/media]
#2 [media=youtube]q5jWkNo7Wr8[/media]
#3 [media=youtube]Y8f8CCwQTB8[/media]
#4 [media=youtube]5qA-J_hq8Xk[/media]
#5 [media=youtube]Pro9R0oUuT0[/media]
#6 [media=youtube]RUiuc0AHY1Y[/media]
#7 [media=youtube]EwZLy4JHUvo[/media]
#8 [media=youtube]_VE5knSJwmo[/media]

3/10. not impressed, scrub :tdown:

I played your necro before. More important than watching a bunch of videos of a guy you never played and calling them a scrub. So, I’ll give you a 8 out of 10 as far as kaillera goes, probably better in person.

pretty good, way better than I am at using necro thats for sure

edit-got done watching all the vids. yeah. pretty good, you got those juggles down. what sakuraba said, without the lag youre probably much better offline

oh also, any constructive criticism is helpful. Like any bad habits u guys see me make. Thanks again

how do you record on kaillera id like to do what youre doin with the constructive crit and all.

Alot of good players can parry the second hit of the drill kicks and jab twist punches consistently then punish so don’t use them too much.

Make sure u have an inp folder in ur Mame directory first. In the main mame screen you go to Options -> Kaillera Client Options and click Kaillera record input. Play a game and leave. If it crashes it wont save usually btw.

Then in main mame window, go to file replay(inp) to AVI record pick the one that just recorded, and click ok. Name it and the mame window will open. Pick whatever video compression you want and wait for the game to open. Then press tab, Input(general), special controls and at the bottom, set a button for AVI Record. Press tab, then press the record button, and you’re done. If you want gaps in the video, stop and start again. It doesn’t make a new file though, so you’ll ahve to split the video yourself.

Thanks I’ll start using them a bit less and walk more. The main reason I use it so much vs Hugo is cuz he’s so damn tall so I can get all up in his sprite with the super jump canceled ones and force hit/block stun -> free mixups. Tornado hook no excuse tho. Thx for advice!

you like command grabbing too much

If this was offline i would punish ur command grabs by doing just a super with ken

ive only seen the first vid so bear with me

first off try not to jump so much against hugo
secondly when in the corner its ok to mash :dp::p: because there is a chance of trading hits
your mixup game is good , seems to work online any ways
and try to use command grabs after pushing back your opponent a little (ex: c.:lp:,
s. :lk: both blocked into command grab)

not even, if a scrub like me can do that so can anyone
Edit: not only that but if twist punches arent comboed
they can be beat some times without even parrying.

you should do it less so that when u do it it catches people by surprise

overall is good but you can improve

I think my later vids are a bit better but I’ll take all that into consideration. I was being stubborn vs him those matches since he refused to get command grabbed at all so I kept doing it lol.

you know this thread is convincing me to make a thread on who has the best 3s character on kaillera or the top 3 best of each character…all in favor??

randomness, use those rubber legs from far !! its hugo

Chi-Rithy, Exodus, Smoothcat, DevilJin, Hold Dat, should all be up there

good idea

ill take my top 3 hugo spot thank you

aw hell yeah…now im just gonna leave it up to the ppl who post…but as of right now im not sure whos the best with who…i would say i have one of the best yangs and yuns on there but with everyone else there are plenty of ppl so someone who knows the good players should create the thread…unless someone would be as so kind enough to send me a list of the best players…

Someone bump this thread.

Eh, well, we should play again, but I definitely find Lucky’s Hugo much more challenging from what I’ve played.:arazz:

play Liam R’s hugo…he’s pretty good on kaillera he uses the name “lobsters scare me” look for him he wont disappoint you with his hugo