Rate my new avatar

what’s good and what’s bad about, i want most of the bad.

Its cool. But K’ is moving a little too fast.
And seth used to rock an avatar almost like it. Which might be a bad thing for you.

sorry, i’ve been gone from srk for like a month 1/2, can someone show me his avatar?

Its a little plain, really nothing special. I cant really comment on it because it isnt all that good, Just a simple animation sprite on a background with your name on it.

Nice av…

It’s nice but one thing im curious about is what is he doing? Looks to me like he’s beating his meat. Or is it just me.:rolleyes:

hmm i woud say two things,moving a bit fast,and the bg is a bit dark,but thats just me.

Kind of plain and bland. Grayscale sucks. Also, it’s pretty fast, and would be better if the last frame led into the first, for a better looking loop.


<<<<<<<newest one.