Rate my new style


I’m considering taking 3S avatar requests in the future, under a new style I’m using. But before I even do so, I’d like to hear any criticism or thoughts about my work so far.


:rofl: Disco rules!!! they aite…

omg i just had an idea for the gill one…thx :lovin:


flashy stuff i like them.


Here are some more I did today. The Chun one is kinda meh IMO, but the Urien one came out interesting


This is SOme funny stuff man.





Damn I like the red/white animating frame…how is that done? I’d like to add it to my lame ass avatar.



The Chun-li one is awesome!


I really like the Ken one, but I’m not sure if SRK will allow 49.1 KB filesizes :sweat: