Rate my team

This week i made comeback to this game,i have more wins then lossses,so heres my team.

Iron man

I use colossus to call on assists and then i smash the opponent when he attacks my assist character, i lways use juggernaut as assist,and iron man too if the situation is different.

I barely use juggernaut,and when i have to use him im afraid of losing him cuz hes my main assist character,i keep him away.

I use iron man when my colossus is dying,i switch up and spam beams and cannon blast,and i use colossus for assist then i launch a cannon against my opponent,i would keep juggernaut out of assist if hes weak.

Overall,im not owning but im at least doing good,sometimes i win,sometimes i lose,but this week i made a strange comeback to this game.

could u give strategy to my team?:wgrin:

Ok, if you aren’t already glitching your jugz then do so. To do that power him up and then get out somehow without using the powerup. Try to avoid randomly tagging every single game because it can get incredibly predictable if you do that. Use other methods such as counters, which shouldn’t be too hard since you have colossus. Also with IM you should learn to rush and not do random protons to win. Learn his infinites, how to end them, and how to guard break.

thanx but i have a 360 controller,not a stick or a pad sadly.

will that effect my gamepley havin a 360 controller?

If you can do a Shoryuken motion on a pad, then absolutely glitch Juggernaut.

Its just DP with both punches then switch out (or counter out, or get snapped back).

That leaves Juggernaut powered up for the rest of the match unless you power up again.

Mega Man

i use that team too. best combo with colossus is c-lk, c-hk + juggernut dash assist, qcf lk. that 4 hit combo takes almost half of life bar.



Juggernaut glitch i stoped useing that years ago waste of time and a easy way to get supered and if ur juggy gets snaped back by a snap back any time in the game it truns the glitch off… i only found it use full when i was a noob


And my opinion is that iron man really doesnt suit, but yeah.My opinion and all that.

Be glitchin’ that jugg son

I run Dhalsim/Sentinal/Juggernaut. I almost never use the power up glitch because randomly tagging into dhalsim is retarded, and using a counter to bring him in is iffy (can’t pull it off consistently on the 360 pad) and isn’t safe anyway.

But Fiddler, with your team I wouldn’t be afraid to put Juggs on point every now and again. Having him on point will probably be the easiest way to THC punish an assist or unsafe move. But that’s not going to be extremely useful anyway because even if Colossus DOES hit, he won’t do any damage.

only glicth i use nailing the AHBV right when the dash form juggie hit the punch does twice the hit with out a moment of ur got hit by doing the other glitch or nailing the switch out cuz u are going to switch out keep cable in mind oh second juggie glitch if u start a super right when juggie hits with dash assets it deos 2x damage