Rate my zangief - (Videos inside)



I was recently at a tournament and if you guys could give me any pointers / tell me what and what not to do that’d be appreciated.

Me against Ryu


Me against Abel


Me against Balrog (My worst matchup)




And finally, Sagat


Any helpful tips would be appreciated :china:


Just use Vids secion.


I tried that and it never got any attention. Threads that big tend to spiral and go off on tangets. Since this thread is up I’d appreciate any input.


Only watched the Boxer matches.

You throw out normal green hand too often, that shit is going to get you punished by better players (and even that guy caught on and started wrecking you for it in your later vids).

Gief has an amazing poking game and you barely use it at all. s. RH and s. ST are two of the best pokes you have in this match. Every time you start to move close, you either throw out a completely punishable GH, jump or you short into a PPP lariat. You can range yourself out of jab distance and still punish anything else Boxer throws out.

You were doing the right thing by backing off after you gained a life lead. Considering that Rog has a propensity to throw out full screen rush punches that was a pretty sweet way to get free damage. Then after like 5-10 seconds you’d green hand over to rog, losing your advantage and getting punished. You got one lucky max range jab SPD off it, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Don’t wake up SPD so much. Every so often is fine, people might not be expecting it. If you do it every time (just like trying to 360 between rog’s links) people will catch on and punish you for it.

Never use running bear grab. The only time it’s good is when you’ve crumpled or stunned the opponent and want positioning on him after an EX grab. Every time I saw you use it, you ate two jump back Fierce and it could’ve been even worse.

You can play this entire match and only use Gief’s special moves a handful of times. Lariat is used too much like a substitute for normal pokes, especially when you keep using the PPP one.


What he said ^^

And that rog was pretty terrible. There was no reason for him to throw out so many of those cannons. It wasn’t like you were focusing his rush punches. (Which he wasn’t even doing)

It looks like green hand into SPD is the only thing you’re looking for. Don’t do that. Maybe, and I use the word maybe losely, try it once. But that’s it, that’s all you would get (if even that) on a decent player. And don’t play so predictably.

Lastly, wakeup SPD/ultra = no no


I just have trouble with the rog matchup the most.


It’s has nothing to do with the match up. You need to fix the way you play. You shouldn’t be doing any of those things against any opponent.


yea i agree mostly what everyone else said.

GH is veeery unsafe, and you seem to like to use it at point blank or very close range, which is always bad news for gief. you never want to connect with a normal GH, unsafe on hit or block. you seem to really love to buffer 360 during gh, which is cool and all it worked a few times, but you ended up taking wayy more damage by trying this over and over then how much damage you did. once he figured you out, he made you pay almost every time you tried it. when someone is doing that to you, you need to step back and think to yourself…“this isnt working, i need to change my tatics” its like to old saying about trying to run through a brick wall with your head…no matter how hard to you run, that brick wall aint going anywhere.

GH against rog in general is risky because he has such great normals, someone with decent reactions could really do some damage. also you were trying to punish some max range dash straights with EXGH. From max range, dash straight is safe on block and you end up just waisting EX, and getting punished, and a good rog can BnB combo into ultra on a blocked EXGH, not the best use of meter for you.

it looks like you’ve really learned some bad habits by playing sub-par comp. you need to ween yourself off GH so much and really learn poke game. learn the ranges inside and out, learn whats safe and what isnt, for you and your opponent. i like to gt a bit closer to rog so his dash punches arnt safe and you can punish with jSPD. im my experience, in the rog matchup it seems who can get a lead first can reeeally control the round how they want it and a comeback for either character is tough. use a bit of patience and pick your spots. sometimes it doesn’t hurt to let the action come to you as gief.

most of all i think you need to analyze how the match is going during the match. you NEED to say to yourself, “ive tried wakeup SPD 3 times now, and every time hes jumped back fierced me…i need to not do that anymore!” or “everytime i try GH he throws me or lands a combo, i need to watch my spacing when i throw that.” just because your favorite tactic has worked 100 times before, if its not working during this match, you HAVE! to realize that and adapt on the fly. your not cpu, dont play like it. Anyways i think you need to just play some better comp on a regular basis and those bad habits will get broken.

Keep working!


alright thank you for the input, what do you think about setting up the jab spd with maybe a fierce kick or maybe even faking and miximg it up into something else?


There are like 20 ways to land a jab spd. they are ALL easy, some are safer than others. LEarn them all, there is a thread about it I think…well off the top

c.lk (very important and good one)
c.mk (risky)
knees (though I’d rather do Atomic suplex at that point…easy to just negative edge it)
s.mp (the up/back to foward method, great if you practice)
s.rh (only after they are trained and ducking, had good success using jab SPD on high block, but doubt its true effectiveness at higher levels)
Taunt (I’m trying HARD to work taunt into my game so I counter dps w/ ultra)

thats all I got right now at work sorry

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i use taunt 8 (the laugh). gives you a bit more time to buffer and plus its just AWESOME! my favorite taunt in the game besides Dan’s where he shakes his ass and legendary taunt of course, but its just downright awesome to see him laughing to out of nowhere ferocious Russian tossing them all over the place. to bad you cant do that in arcades :crybaby:


Only saw the Sagat matchup.

You got murdered by Fagat because you wasted so many opportunities to close your distance. Remember, Sagat has very few moves against gief at close distance. All Sagat has that is safe is his out of the blue tiger knee, anticipate it.

If Sagat is throwing st. tigers do a cr. hk to close in distance. You can do a jump in on Sagat if you time Gief’s j. hp.
Once you get close, wait, Sagats always panic and try to either tigeruppercut or tigerknee their way out. Block and it do a reversal spd or combo the tigeruppercut with a cr. lk lk lk ex-palm.