Rate the Evo 2k5 DVD trailer!

Great trailer, great editing and the music went really well with the pace of the clips and the action in them. :smiley: The whole video had a very nice clean and crisp look to it as well. The flame effect as the name appears was cool too.

Jchensor made that Capcom Fighting Jam video with the Katamari Damacy music as well right? That was a great video as is this one.

Like the clairty of the footage this time round though, think ill be definatley puttin an order down for this.

So, did KoF 2002 make it to the tournament? i saw the trailer, and since i saw nothing about it there. I was wondering about it, since i didn’t went.

Did not enough players register for the game?


why was my post deleted?

A win is a win.

FMJ, you are awesome.

Good job on the trailer, I enjoyed it. And another thumbs up for the Seinfeld word haha.

People who are nobodies can try to make fun and twist words, but my argument stands. If Duc had faced anybody who was around back in the day, he would never have done as well. I would be very interested to actually see the list of matches Mr. Do played in this tournament…did he even fight a “real” Santhrax besides Potter, who once again seems to have no idea how to fight Spiral? Potter was just getting into Marvel when Duc was prominent.

Return of THE King, return of A king, whats the difference? Duc needs to thank his lucky stars he didn’t play anybody who had faced his Spiral team before and knew what to do…I’d put a million dollars behind Sanford, or Justin, or any top-tier player who uses Santhrax vs. Duc.

People want to shit on me and my ST performance? Then fine, I guess I’ll shit on all the WC ballriders: Duc’s performance was nothing but luck. Not luck in his gameplay, because he’s really good and knows what he’s doing, but luck in the BRACKETS that he didn’t run into somebody who played back in the day, who knows how to play against Spiral. You want to know what the real MvC2 highlight of EVO was? Seeing Justin get eliminated, even get beasted on, by Yipes. Anyone who has been following Marvel since day 1 agrees, despite what trailers say.

GGPO, haters.

:sad: click click click

Around here… you get answers to questions like that. :smile:

DucDo beats Fernando beats Wesley beats Aaron beats Reset beats RickyO beats Potter loses to Yipes first set GF beats Yipes second set and wins

When it comes to music in vids, there are two very distinct questions that people seem to confuse.

The unimportant question of "Is this music that I would listen to in my car?"
The important question of “Is this music that goes well with the vid?”

For the Evo trailer, I think the music goes well with the vid, even though it’s not necessarily a song I would listen to in my car. Another good example would be Ode To The Two Hit Combo…I can’t say I’d listen to any of that music in my free time, but I certainly think that it goes well with the vid.

(And it’s probably no coincidence that both vids were done by Chen.)

Anyway, great job on the trailer. You always come through with excellent work.

The man is right.

I don’t mean to sound rude nor do I mean disrespect toward the player in the vid but, the MvC2 matchup (whomever was using sentinal or what not) the whole combo of cornering and doing it repeatedly is cowardice IMO; you figure, what an easy way to chip energy off your opponent and not only that, It made me think of what was used against me back in the old school tourny’s of SF; whomever used short then threw you was considered pussy (cheat, unless you knew reversal at the time) as for being a continuos chain, that wasn’t a TRUE matchup whatsoever. just a thought. the vid in general was cool though.

cough Viscant needs to reply cough

too good fmj :lol:

anyways that trailer was awesome. JChen outdone himself…

i believe this is in the running for the scrubbiest post of the year award

that’s just the impression I got, that’s all.

I believe, everyone is fucking retarded and all talk about stupid shit they know jack nothing about.

Is that a challenge from DSP towards Duc? Is DSP betting money against Duc? Nope, he’s just talking shit out of his ass like always.

He got fucking owned in Texas via ST didn’t he? All he does is spout shit.

James Chen:The video was good, but a lot of wasted time. Evo logo, and other shit. The production was good, but I think there could have been more footage and time spent otherwise.

Good shit Zack!

Exactly as I suspected, ZERO real Santhrax players, and definitely nobody who was around back in the day when Duc was winning tournaments…in fact the only person I might have suspected could win that match was Potter but after watching the fight it was obvious he didn’t know what to do.

Here’s a little hint for anyone else who ever has to play Duc again: PICK COMMANDO. BLOCK. PUSHBLOCK. Wait for spiral to try to charge swords and press Commando. INSTANT WINNER. Commando hits her from every angle, especially her fav tactic which is call Sent drones, SJ, charge swords. Spiral has no way to get out of Commando’s range and get swords…if she’s ever out of reach, simply walk forward and call him. Santhrax beats Spiral teams for free. FOR FREE. So badly that at SHGL in 2002 when I stayed in Cali for two weeks, Duc stopped playing my friend and myself because all we would do is pick Santhrax and press Commando…since he ALWAYS picked Spiral…it was just ridiculous, he gave himself a 2 vs 3 handicap every game, so he started moving over to other machines and playing Magneto players.

I think the problem with a lot of the newer players today, especially Marvel, is that they play with this whole “ruthless agression” strategy. Nonstop attack patterns may win you the majority of your games, but if you don’t understand real gameplay basics, you will lose to people like Duc Do and kick yourself for it later.

In other news, I’ll be available as a gameplay coach at Evolution this year for the low, low price of a 20% cut in your prize winnings.

I know it’s 10 years too late to try to talk sense to scrubs, but I’m bored so I’ll give it a try.

Chozen: Suppose you are watching a boxing match. One fighter lands a good shot and dazes his opponent early. He advances and forces his opponent up against the ropes, and begins to unleash a flurry of punches, hoping to win the fight before his opponent can recover.

Do you believe the boxer who is winning should stop punching, back off, and give his opponent a minute to recover?

As for the Evo trailer: pretty good stuff, looks very professional. Though I would have to question why you would feature a couple of those particular players as selling points for a DVD… but then, it’s about 5 years too late to have a large # of well known top player to showcase.

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A million dollars? That’s great, all we have to do now is kindly ask Justin to use santhrax, lose to duc and grab a cool mil

phil mang let it go,lol its all gravy mang…if nebody should be stressin that win it should be me.

but he won a fair one and its koo wit me.

nice Job on the trailer J.