Rate the Evo 2k5 DVD trailer!

the trailer was alright. if it had balrogs ST music in it it might have been good. or if it had featured my bear on tekken 5.

I guess I seem to be the only person who really liked the song lol I was actually wonder if anyone knows the name of the song. I wish to acquire it.

:sad: click click click

Around here… you get answers to questions like that.

The most informative post on the subject is probably this one. Please start reading, people. :wink:

James Chen is the man as usual. I can’t wait for some sort of sequel to “Ode…”

DSP is just sad. Still talking mess after proving that his 4th place finish was a fluke or strictly because it was PS1. Good job getting 7th at TS foo! Keep reppin’ hate but put it down when you have the opportunity. You’re becoming a joke who got lucky once. Calling Duc’s win luck? Justin lost to fools who Duc beat? Should say something. Duc had his OWN character and fools slept. At least his “luck” put him in first legitimately. You got 4th on ps1, talked shit, and got owned in arcade AT Evo and TS. Quit making fun of yourself.

this is potter:
If you watch the match, i was fuscking winning, he won one match off a fucking random sanpback. That shit was stupid, and check psm results before that tourny he didn’t even place top 10(I served him with santhrax). I agree with you about the results not being true in the marvel community, but hats off to duc for winning the tournament. 2/3 marvel vs. spral. Whatever. I agree that he wouldn’t ge top 5 at ecc, but he’s retired, so who cares anymore. I don’t know why you are complaining so much, shit already happened.

Finally, someone with a brain replies…THANK YOU POTTER!

Sure shit already happened, but it just frustrates me, being one of the few guys who has been around playing MvC2 since day one, to see a trailer that basically advertises the only occurrence in MvC2 last year as “the Return of a King…”

Like I said, to be honest the big news was Justin losing, YOU actually placing so high, and Yipes tearing it up, when previously he’d never even left the East Coast. Instead we get people who don’t play Marvel advertising the wrong thing…nobody is going to buy DVDs to see 800 million butterknives and a strategy from 2002.

Remember, since EVO is the supposed “nationals of Street Fighter” it’s supposed to represent the evolution of the entire community…that’s not what happened and that’s not what the trailer reflects either. But like I said, besides that and the crappy music, great trailer and I still rated it pretty damned high.

I thought this thread was supposed to be about ‘RATING EVO2K5 TRAILER’… for a guy who don’t know much about filming and videology… those words are just irrelevant… this TRAILER was mad propped super good! If it aint good then go find a better USA fighting game tourney trailer… if not… stfu… it’s gettin hella annoyin!

I thought the trailer was great. The first time I watched it, I actually thought it was quite disappointing. Today I saw this thread, and figured I’d give it another watch before I rated it… and now I actually think it’s pretty damn good. The music selection was refreshing from the usual Hamasaki “Evolution” remix that’s been in a lot of Evo trailers, and it actually fit very, very well with the whole video. The build up in the song combined with the footage (which also build up as well) was done nicely.

I also really liked the editing done for the trailer. The introduction to the games, where it lists the matches and says “Featuring players such as:” was unique. Character select screen with the cursor going over several characters, edited with style, was a great idea. My favorite part of the editing, however, was that the featured player’s character sprite/model had a faint glow to it as they beat people down. Nicely done. :tup:

On a final note: “lol” at everything else in this thread. :bluu:

What a jackass. There have been 2 Marvel Champs. Yeah, one story is Justin not getting top 3, forget losing. The other story is that the tournament went to the only other champion of Marvel and that’s Duc. Yipes? Who the hell is Yipes? Yeah, I may know him now and after the DVD and may watch for him in the future but that’s no big story now that Seattle left the scene. Others were bound to take their empty spots. For Potter it’s like, FINALLY. When you hear that Justin loses Potter and Yipes might raise an eyebrow(not to high since one of Justin’s losses came from someone who’s played against him plenty from what I hear, big whoop) but when you hear that the new champ is the old champ from years ago bringing back the same team that folks should’ve figured out? Now THAT’S the story. For you, only EC makes a story I suppose. Regardless of coasts, Duc IS the big Marvel story for 2005. Ppl had years to learn how to beat that NON-TOP TIER team(yes, that even makes it more of a story) and Duc pulls out the biggest tournament of the year with OG Spiral. Big ups to Duc for sticking with his character when people decided she was weak and then taking Evo with her no less! Not to mention that he hasn’t been a top player for a few years and makes the biggest of comebacks? Are you on crack? Do you actually find Yipes and Potter’s story more dramatic and interesting?

Maybe for the EC Yipes is a bigger story but aside from which coast your from, a returning champ who mastered an unpopular character and came back again to win with her beats Justin’s bud beating him(and then getting ass-raped by the former champ). Potter placing 3rd is great but it’s also par for the course.

Unless you’re a total moron, that’s just biased hate. You should give Duc the props he deserves. No one else has taken the big tourney except Justin and Duc regardless of teams or knowledge. Hell, you gave the legitimate reasons why he should’ve lost, right? He still won. Here’s a little secret, a few people knew before hand that Duc would win. I remember when Potter was way ahead and my friend got worried and I laughed. I said, “shit, all he needs is Sentinel, watch.” Sure enough, he came back. Duc was ready like he hadn’t been in years. Do you really think he wasn’t prepared for Santhrax? Do you think that he didn’t have another plan for that? I knew enough to believe he would win ahead of time. Hey, no one could really know he would win, right? You act like you didn’t realize that he had a shot and that’s called sleeping. Justin was the only real threat that I can see and once he was out, I was quite sure it was all Duc’s tournament.

I don’t follow Marvel too much. I pay attention to Justin, Ricky, Row, Kuan and Duc. Mostly Justin, Ricky and Duc because they win on many games. Duc won with a mediocre team. I know it hurts but it also deserves more respect.

I agree with a lot of your hate but this is just childish hate. “He should’ve lost so that’s not the real story.”

You backward ass muthafucka. Get it together bitch before you’re doing more whining after Evo 2006. I usually think you’re a cool cat but your hate isn’t manly hate here. This is some bitchin’ and whining. Don’t become the Queen of hate.

Mad props on the Trailer I liked the choice in music whent very well with the video.

DSP:Come on man stop hateing on Duc i agree with you him winning evo when i heard about it I was like wtf with what team then i heard he used his team that put me more in shock. But you got to give him props for winning useing an OG team that alot of people today should know how to beat but oh well shit happend and he won fair and square so come one man just stop with the hateing i know ur the king of hate :rofl: but just stop it with all this hate you got towards duc

Props to Duc for winning(he has rejulvanated my desire to strengthen Spiral). But I do agree that if Justin faced Duc, then Justin would still be the champion. But that didnt happen, so lets move on.

I smell crybaby thats all I smell… I don’t even know shit about MVC2 either…

How do we get like 13000 trailer downloads in two days and yet 90% of the people posting are obsessed with random peeps? scratches head Let it go.

I thought the trailer was great. I already loved the music, but I was even pretty excited by the cool Nuki Chun Li moves in ST, and I pretty much hate ST. Nice work. :tup:

I liked the trailer. It’s definitely a step up from the one last year. Duc only won because I let him beat me in winners (he slipped me a benjamin…)

OK, I know that this isn’t really related to the trailer, but I have to say…

You obviously don’t follow Marvel too much…


For real though…Yipes is a MONSTER, and ever since I saw him play, I knew if anyone would ever beat Justin in tourney, it would be Yipes or Sanford.

Dude deserves mad respect. Don’t sell him short.

SERIOUS, yo. Even if he hadn’t finished 2nd place, I would have included him in the trailer, if only to get that clip that I put in the trailer of him doing the regular jump forward over his opponent and then Air Dashing back down to where he came from with the Roundhouse kick using Magneto. I dunno why, but every time I see that, I cringe. I remember hearing the audience all go, “Oooooooh!” when he did that.

Yipes is the truth. I expect him to do really well in the next Evo. I hope he comes again!

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jchensor: Fantastic job on this one, the music worked really well and I’m just glad its not another Ayumi remix (even though I love Evolution).


i appreciate that choice :tup:

that shit is pretty easy to block, socal guys don’t even do that because it’s slow

I’m sure it is. Doesn’t seem like a tactic that can be considered broken by any stretch, and something that commonly happens. Just that, when it happened, I dunno what it was… it was just the moment. It looked so nasty when it happened. I haet to ever say stuff like this, but maybe it was one of those “you just had to be there” things. shrug

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