Rate the player above (HD Remix thread)


The main goal of this thread is to give some advices to the poster above of you, if you don’t know the player above, don’t rate him(her) and wait for someone that you already played with and so on.


  1. This thread is for fun and Constructive Critics!,
  2. Please be well mannered and show respect.

Well some of you know my style my lineup, you can start rating me.

The rules are simple!, let’s play!


Not sure I’ve played against you too many times Phil. I’m gonna throw my name in here though :slight_smile: Just curious as to what everyone thinks about me and my Rog.


I don’t know jack concerning how to play an effective Boxer, but you play him well. IIRC, you utilize the jab rush whiff into the headbutt effectively and my dumb ass still tries to cross up a Boxer on wake-up whenever I can. :slight_smile:


Your honda is pretty good but I have more trouble with your Dee Jay. I keep trying to reverse your cross up but end up getting hit by the 5 hit combo instead


Your Fei reminds me of damdai’s, meaning you scare me no matter who I pick.


well since rice defeated me in the tourney the last time we played and dbostick won the damn thing, I don’t think I have any advice for either of you.

But I could use some constructive criticism :crybaby:


you have one of the best chun’s i’ve played that doesnt spam the the jump in light kick. also i think you have an addiction. :smile:


GNX: Your ryu and chun are very good, also you have a great defense and great throws, our fights are always so tigh that’s why i like to fight against you, we always have a good time!, and i’m glad for that because i consider you a very good sf player.

I only have a couple of advices for you, take care about my low roundhouse when i have you cornered and spam the fireballs when i using Honda.