Rate the Scrubs: Championship Edition

Last year I threw together a casual SFII:CE kaillera tourney with a small group of friends. I just stumbled across the vids whilst cleaning up my PC and decided to archive them to my web account. Just thought you guys (if you’re completely bored out of your mind, and have nothing better to do) might like to review the matches and post some opinions. There used to be a CE thread in this forum, but I couldn’t find it anywhere (hence the new post).

Now out side of myself, not many people were hardcore CE players at the time, but everyone had two weeks to prepare and train for the tourney. The basic rules were as follows:

Best 2 out of 3 matches.
Points awarded for rounds won. (points determine sudden death finales)
“Tag Team Elimination Mode” in effect. (i.e. loser can’t pick same character again)

Here are the matches in order of play:

  1. Xorcist vs Stench
  2. Xorcist vs Seranian
  3. Seranian vs Stench
  4. Xorcist vs Rynath
  5. Seranian vs Rynath

Here are the results:

-----------	---	---	---	---	---	---	---
  RYNATH		 0	 0	 0	 1	 1	 *	  2
SERANIAN		 0	 4	 4	 0	 4	 0	 12
  STENCH		 1	 0	 1	 0	 0	 *	  2
 XORCIST		 4	 5	 0	 4	 0	 0	 13



  • MATCH 06 (Rynath vs Stench) was not held.

wow, after the first round, i couldn’t bare watching anymore. lmao @whiffed punches which were obviously fireball attempts…

and you need lots more work

home field advantage…wtf?

Oh yeah, :wgrin: let me explain… we de-synced in our round #2 and when we restarted the stage was switched India, so I tossed that little bit in just to be funny. Not like he was acutally calling home court advantage or anything.

Well honestly, even being low level, I personally find them more entertaining than a lot of the professional tournament level vids of CE, which tend to be far too dry and technical. It’s not really entertaining to watch Sagat throw continuous Tiger Shots for an entire match. Plus I said it was a casual tournament… and the thread’s title is “Rate the Scrubs…” after all.

A couple unexpected little bits happened during the matches, which I found interesting. Guile getting up from what appeared to be a double KO and that jump/throw countering Chun Li’s Lightning Leg. I’m sorry if I’ve wasted your time, but there was fair warning above that these were not professional matches.

The execution is really bad (whiffed punches, mashed kicks by Ken, etc). But…at least you (Xorcist) are trying to set up some traps, so you are thinking…I don’t think the Ken player is thinking at all though. Was this online play? If so, I can somewhat understand the poor execution.

It doesnt matter if its understandable or not, its just bad…
And if u dont like the dry and technical aspect of most vids then ull never reach high level play… cause thats how matches look… (too me its not even dry its exciting to learn from the top players…

Close this thread and post some good offline/tournament matches to clense this horrible memory

Dude if you don’t like em, don’t watch em. Why even bother posting. Are you that outraged by how someone else plays?

nah i kinda just wanted to comment on my thoughts…

kinda like how you commented on my comment and so on…

either way its funny to watch… Maybe he’ll improve and well look back and laugh at him some more for this.

:rofl::lol: :rofl: :lol:

must some of you be so elitist.

Not everyone is going to be a top tier player, or is training to be as such.

Its enough for us scrubs to be champions of our dorms and neighbor hoods…

Anyway…Ill watch these a tad later.

Yeah everything was online, via MAME64k on a private Kaillera server. From what I recall the lag wasn’t bad though, even with the input record going. Truthfully though… the other people playing hadn’t touched Street Fighter (let alone any fighter) in quite some time. Which I why I gave them two weeks to train up and get used to online play. But in all honesty I don’t think they did.

I could have played a lot better (and “meaner”), but sometimes it’s just fun to play the game and not have to worry about reputation or stomping down all the competition. It was a very casual tournament with some friends. I was actually hoping to maybe get some of them into the fighting scene more.

I don’t mind people talking the vids down, I mean I did put them out there, and I did ask for opinions. Would have been nice to get a little more constructive feedback though. I mean it’s quite obvious these aren’t pro’s playing for the Shoryuken cup (is there are Shoryuken cup?).

Maybe we should start up a crappy match vidoes thread. :looney:

wow that was complete garbage.


It was just a fun little online tourney with only Xor and myself having any street fighter experience. and I think we were both screwing around a little anyway. I’m just glad he didn’t post the alpha 3 vids from about a year before this one. :sweat:

What was the point of asking us to “rate the scrubs”, when you keep emphasizing how overly casual this tourney was, and that you guys were “just fooling around”?

That’s fine, but I don’t think this is the place to show off. A lot of ppl in here are a little more dedicated than that.

I haven’t even watched the vids and I’m pretty sure this statement sums up the thread.

Yet…you clearly posted beforehand what the topic was about so…good stuff any ways. Complete garbage has a place now on SRK.

  1. Post video asking for rating.
  2. Get angry when people do what you asked.
  3. Make up excuses as to why you played poorly.

Good plan. These threads are becoming too typical.

:u: Truth…

Sorry for hijacking your thread, but are those guys in China or Korea or where ever still streaming that CE machine?

From what I hear they still are steaming live vids, but I’ve yet to get the site to work.

Here is the site: http://www.sf2ce.co.kr/index.php in case you need it.


I don’t think I ever got “angry” in any of my replies, but I was expecting a bit more constructive criticism of the actual players, not posts like “Who would watch such low level vids?”, “After the first round I couldn’t bare to watch anymore.”, and the all too famous “Wow, that was complete garbage!”. :rofl:

Yeah I made excuses for my own effort, but at that point I kinda felt like the thread was already over… didn’t seem like anyone was going to offer any helpful thoughts (though at least Emil made an effort).

Guess I’m going to have to post some amazing vids to make up for this travesty.