Rate The Song Above You!


Every message board needs one of these=D Rate the song above you from 1-10. I’ll start:


Real mind fuck music =D


Techno is so 90s. Ill give it a 3 to be a prick.


This is music.


This is going to be all videos and mostly spam. Thread tennis to video forum.


^ First of all, this is a perfectly suitable thread. Way to be another one of those douche bag premium members. Stop being such a huge douche and stop going offtopic on all threads that you personally don’t like.

ROFL noob. It’s not techno, it’s Dark DnB. Broaden your music horizon and learn about the different music genres out there.

I get the fact that your video was supposed to be funny, but it really wans’t THAT funny…




How about you shut the fuck up and stop being a bitch…and stop making useless threads.
We already got a thread for posting songs.…you can give you opinion there.


The douche that “went offtopic” is the mod who moved your thread and was nice enough to provide you with a reason of why he did so.
Count your blessings.


Asshole. Go eat shit and die.

To Valaris sorry, I didn’t know Moderators had “Perimum Member” as title. Wait, so all these douche bags with Premium Member titles on this forum are MODS? Okay I already knew for some reason that cocky “ghetto niggas/e-thugs” like fighting games, but I didn’t know 90% of the community consisted of them=S


Per Geese, we already have this thread. Per you, we only need one of them. Plus you’ve pretty successfully derailed your own thread anyways. =\