Rate thes Joysticks and why your prefer them

Hi everyone,

I am trying to gauge the the various interests in the different sticks. I dont mean just Happ vs Sanwa.

A) I mean things like the ps360 vs a JLF. If the PS360 was a balltop, would it be prefered here? I know the PS360 is the closest thing to a Flash. I know it is optical. I mean as far as throw and which type of game a stick is better for, Marvel or SF3.

B) For instance, when I read reviews of the Happ super, it sounds better than the competition. Although the Competition seems to be the favorite here.

C) What about the Sanwas? Whats really the difference between the JLF and the JLW? The JLF needs to 5v?

D) Some have said there are less dead spots on a Seimitsu LS-32 compared to a Sanwa JLF series, Can anyone speak on that?

So If you can, Rank those sticks and which game you feel they are best suited for:

PS360 - MArvel ?
LS-32 - SF3
Happ Competition - Marvel

Thanks for the help.

With the 360 controller, If you plan to use a stick for multiple systems then you need to be wary of the 5v power needed. I may stay clear of that in case new systems start that as well. Still, help on your detailed like/dislike for these sticks and where they rank would help.