Rate these teams synergy/overall "goodness"

alex/frank - i REALLY like this team, but i think it will get worse when my friend learns how to tech alexs command grab
frank/viewtiful - i dont really see how this is so good but people say it is :stuck_out_tongue:
frank/doronjo - i really dunno how much synewrgy this has in terms of assist, but there both good trapping characters
viewtiful/doronjo - i really like this team good synergy i reckon
roll/casshern - i feel this would work if i could guarunteed heal casshern, but he always walks out of the way when i use my electric punch super
balde/yatterman2 - i feel yatterman 2 is a good partner for blade, any btter ideas?
doronjo/yatterman2 - another cool team

also who do you think is a counter to zero?

Roll/Casshern is considered to be a good team by the pros, and I think Yatterman-2 with Blade is a good team. Everything else looks okay but Frank/Doronjo. I myself am a Doronjo player but I dont think Frank would go well with her. She is not exactly a combo fiend, and her assist IMO wouldn’t really help Frank out none. If you made this team it would mostly be strictly Old School switch out do your best now You Go Frank West type team. I dunno I’m not a pro just my 2 cents.

BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY. It’s all about what makes you comfortable, who’s fun to play as, and who gets you that victory. And work hard…yeah that too lol.

^thanks, do you know how to guarunteed get a heal on casshern? when i use electric punch he just walks out of the way, and if i use the other super the blast just hits the heal ball.

Nope. I never played that team. you could ask yourmother (a member on SRK…serously…no joke). He should have a thread lingerin around here somewhere he is the Roll pro. Glad I could help.

To heal Casshern as Roll, press assist button and then IMMEDIATELY do the healing super


healing super DHC to chop super (maybe LVL 3 works also since he’s stationary)

and Alex’s command throw is techable!? wtf? Are you sure about that?

Y2/Doronjo sounds pretty annoying (for the person fighting them of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think Karas/Roll is one of the stupidest teams in the game (they don’t efficiently compliment each other and both have the lowest HP in the game) but honestly anything else just feels awkward. Plus its nice to say you get wins with the two lowest-HP chars in the game.

I’ve used Yatterman-2/Roll a lot lately. It works pretty well, using Yatter2’s robot and electric hearts/stars and Roll’s buckets to mess with people. But unfortunately, they don’t have much actual synergy with DHCs, and I’m starting to find their low overall HP together/low overall attack power hurts the more I fight against actually good people. They also both don’t do effectively against giants together.

I think Yatterman-2/Tekkaman Blade would work better, but I haven’t used the team enough yet to really say.

i tried dhc heal to chop super, the blast of the chop just breaks the healing ball

it does work (hell the first time I found out you can do it, I did it mid-match)
just wait for the healing ball to come onscreen then dhc

I can make video if need be

How is good is alex/yatterman2 as a team?

Pretty sure you can’t tech any command grabs except for the giants.

I’ve been thinking Soki and Zero seem to work well together but I also use Morrigan and Zero. Who do you guys think have more synergy with Zero? Morrigan or Soki?

Legit team. Been trying it myself, Alex’s assist works nicely in Y2 combos. Alex is also such a tank that if for some reason Y2 fails you in the beginning, Alex is never out of it with his damage output. Y2’s assist doesn’t directly help Alex in his offense, but it can be used as a distraction to help Alex close the gap and perhaps sneak in a command grab. Y2 should be on point if you are to use this team.

They both have forward moving assists, so from that that standpoint they are okay. Morrigan’s assist might go better as it mirrors Zero’s traditional combo partner in Ryu. Morrigan can be effective for cross over combos in Lvl 3. If Soki’s on point, I think he really benefits from the Zero DP assist as he controls space so well and adding the DP to make safe some of his laggier normals is pretty good.

I find it easier to do a dual super combo with Soki and Zero. Zero can also rack up meter fast for Soki’s Oni mode. I’m having trouble timing aerial rave to variable assist to Morrigan lvl 3 super. I know Ryu is a good partner for Zero, but I prefer Morrigan over him.

Ah for getting into Morrigan’s level 3 after a V-air raid try either

j.a,j.a,j.b,j.b,214c,421b+c (Easy to hit with and you don’t waste meter if you miss)
j.a,j.a,j.b,j.b,dj,j.b,j.b,236c,421b+c (More damage but doesn’t work with all combos, think it’s dependednt opponent height in relation to yours after the V-air raid or something)

I think these are viable since Morrigan’s level 3 doesn’t seem as effected by scaling as some others (eg. Chun’s)

(Excuse me if I got the wrong end of the stick here and the variable assit meant DHC or something)

How good is Rockman/Roll? I’m still trying to learn these characters but I was thinking of using these 2 as my main team.

Auctually they compliment each other fairly well. Roll’s assist is good for combos and her broom sweep super DHCs into Karas’ blade super. Karas’s assist has some crazy stuff as well, but I haven’t experimented with it yet. Roll’s healing super can bait into Karas’s counter super, Roll’s water puddles combo into Karas’s lvl.3 (haven’t been able to test it out yet), and a bunch of other stuff.