Rate yourself as a fighting games player

hype 10

wtf you bitches got?

ho chi minh > all

stank 10
grill 10
vietnamazingness 10
white bitches 0

Random 10/10

Execution/Technique: 8
Spacing: 6
Reaction Time: 7
Mind Games:7
Luck: 3


Execution/Technique 7
Spacing 5
Reaction Time 7
Mind Games 7
Luck 5

random 10 - there is no match for my random power…you will NEVER know what I’d do next and somehow end up winning the match :confused: :tup:

I am the truth. There is no need for me to rate myself because it would defeat the purpose of this topic. Which is obviously that I own you. No need to put that into statistics. :tup:


last time we played I 7-0 yo ass. missing 8/10 parries and randomass full screen terry burning knuckle isn’t “the truth” :rofl:

Execution/Technique: 1… (th only reason it’s not a 0 is because i can amazingly do the qcf dragon punch charge motions only when i play with ryu or guile… Anyone else and i can’t do it…)

Spacing: 1 (99% of the time i’m moving backwards unless i play with ryu…)

Reaction Time: 0 ( I usually have no idea whats going on in a fighting game 70% of the time…)

Mind Games:0 (None I’m a on trick pony you walk foward i throw a fire ball you jump in i do a dragon punch and i mix up the weak mid strong versions of each…)

Luck: 0 (youd think i’d be lucky but i’m not… i just suck at fighting games…)

My ‘Snes Pad of Uber Moon’ gives me +2 spacing VS trolls, and +30% to dodge chun SA2.

Execution/Technique 6.5 I’d say I’m a little above average but definately not very good execution wise.

Spacing 9 I assume you mean zoning. If so then thats my specialty. I’m a defensive player by nature.;p

Reaction Time 8 I have pretty good reaction time. But nothing like the “unthrowable” combofiend.

Mind Games 9 I’ll give myself a 9 even though i feel i should get higher, because im sure there are even crazier mind games out there than the ones i made up.

Luck 5 I have average luck

Chaotic Blue


Execution/Timing :6 (I can do Tekken 5 juggles, but I STILL can’t do 90% of 3s combos or the ROM infinite)

Spacing: 2 (I throw too many projectiles without any real purpose)

Reaction Time: 1 (if they get me with Hypergrav xx Magnetic Tempest, 99.99999% of the time I’ll take all the damage)

Mind games: 4 (I can do some weird stuff, but I usually do the bnb stuff like everyone that plays here)

Luck: 3 (I can get lucky sometimes, but I mostly screw up at the last moment)

16/50. This would be higher if it only considered Tekken/Soul Calibur/most 3D games but me sucking so bad at MVC2 and 3s contributes heavily to this score.


You sound a little modest on the Execution.

Execution/Technique: 6
Spacing: 4
Reaction Time: 6
Mind Games: 5
Luck: 0 (no, really)

Have you been to any tournies? Those are some pretty good ratings you give yourself.

Im not sure if I’ve heard of you. I guess your the best unknown secret in NOVA?

even with buktooth posting, im still the best gamer on this thread.


How many of those who rated themselves have played someone outside their living room?


Execution/Technique 9
Spacing 9
Reaction Time 8
Mind Games 8
Luck 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
clutch 9
hated on: 1(billion)


Execution/Technique 8
Spacing 7
Reaction Time 7
Mind Games 9
Luck 5

Execution/Technique 6
Spacing 5
Reaction Time 3
Mind Games 7
Luck 9

I get so lucky when i’m high…good times…i could be wrong on all of this but this is just a guess