Rated T for T-Type: The Nemesis Combo Thread



Making this because essentially i’ve already got some combos down in my vid.

Nemesis Combo Vid 1



It also shows resets and the like, i will put down the notation eventually later tonight. The rest of the thread is of course dedicated to combos, if you’ve got a combo please PM me and i’ll update the first page ASAP. I’d also prefer it if you did the notation in SRK Smiley’s please. It makes it allot easier for me.

My first combos with Nemesis and resets


1st Combo: j.H, c.L, c.M, c.H, DP M, c.L, s.M, 6H, s.S, SJ, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, QCF + ATK ATK =650k

2nd Combo: j.H, s.L, s.M, s.H, 6H, QCF M, 6H, s.S, SJ, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, land, QCF + ATK ATK

3rd Combo: HCB L, s.M, 6H, QCF L, c.H, s.S, SJ, j.M, j.M, j.S, land, QCF +ATK ATK

4th Combo: j.H, s,L,s.M,s.H, QCF L, j.H, j.S, DP H, QCF + ATK ATK

Basic Reset Pattern: s.L, s.M,s.H, DP L, HCB M, c.L, s.S, SJ, j.M,j.M,j.H,j.S, land, QCF + ATK ATK

Advanced Reset Combo: j.H, s.L,s.M,s.H,QCF L, c.H, s.S, SJ, j.M, j.M,j.H, 2H, Land, HCB H, c.M, QCF L, DP H, QCF ATK ATK

< Mid Screen into Corner>
j.:h: s.:h: :dp::m:, s.:m: s.:h: :qcf::h: s.:s: SJ j.:m:j.:m:j.:h:j.:s: land QCF + :atk::atk: = 802,000 builds 1 meter

(On tall or jumping opponents)
j.:l:j.:l: j.:h: (land) c.:m: c.:h: :qcf::l: (dash) s.:s: j.:m:j.:m:j.:h: j.:s: QCF ATK ATK = 650,000


Wow those combos and resets are sexy as.

http://youtu.be/mv2-QSUlSIg?t=55s isadelica does a combo with nemesis in part of his vergil video right around here. Has some interesting launcher tricks.


In Marvel 2 terminology.
Jump in H, land st.L, st.M, st.H, Clothesline Rocket L, dash, [st.M, st.H], Launcher Slam M, Launch, air MMHS, land dash, QCF+2P

738, 300

You could replace whats in the brackets with cr.M, cr.H for 5000 less damage, but the combo itself is much more reliable.


Launcher can connect after RL Slam M? huh ah yes I have more to learn! I don’t think you can possibly combo after RL Slam L, unless you XF. My highest so far was like 709,000

Note to say that though Deadly Reach can be placed nearly anywhere in a combo because it can be followed after any normal, has great range and stun, and can be special canceled it scales the damage pretty hard,


Yeah, RL Slam L seems to be there strictly for the resets. RL Slam H is bad for combos, but I’m going to do super armor tests on it tomorrow, along with his other moves to test their super armor.


if RL Slam H had better recovery it would be good for combos :frowning: Because it’s like Wesker’s cobra strike and ghost butterfly in one package it should be awesome but Nemesis is too slow to react to it. I was pretty surprised I found a way to combo Clocket M, but of course it was on Sentinel lol.

The armor does seem to exist (idk how much) but it takes awhile for it to start up, idk what made Capcom decide this really but it is what it is.

I’ll also be working on some combos that start with Deadly Reach since more or less it’s going to be one of the most often ways players are going to open up opponents. A friend of mine who’s pretty good at Marvel 3 is coming over tommrow to get some matches in, I have yet to play a human in umvc3 so i’ll tell you how Nemesis performs.


The launcher slam M here is whiffing all the time for some reason, upon beginning with a j.H Any input ? Instead of the st.L and st.M I go straight to a st.H and begin with a j.S, while omitting an extra M in the air…pullls out 739k+.

j.S,H,CRL[dash]M,H,S, airMHS, QCF+2P

[EDITED] Never mind, i didnt dash after the CRL…it’s a necessity or else the launcher slam M will whiff, that includes moreso the corners. Good stuff Nemesis !!! 738,300 on the spot !

Good job guys anyrate…Keep them coming !


You can take out the st.L and add cr.M before launcher and you get 760,300, however depending on where you started the combo the cr.M may whiff so Launcher is the best bet imo. Add st.M instead and you get 761,300 * goes back to lab thingie*

Jump in H, land st.M, st.H, Clothesline Rocket L, dash, [st.M, st.H], Launcher Slam M, cr.M/st.M, Launch, air MMHS, land dash, QCF+2P

i have to check and see if any part whiffs on the smaller toons.


At the moment the above is the strongest combo my variation goes

j.H, c.H, QCF L, (Dash), c.H, DP M, s.S, j.M,j.M,j.H,j.S QCF ATK ATK This is probably due to the lack of scaling rather than hits in the combo, For the most part I DHC after Bio-Weapon Assault or XFC into Bio-Hazard rush for that mostly 100% on the cast.


hmm. i gotta see if it can outright kill RR and other low hp toons

I just did yours except i did s.M, s.H after the j.H and it got me 768,000. the shitty part is on shorties the s.M and/or s.H might whiff mid combo depending on who it is and if they are crouching or standing. check this out. If you hit Zero with a j.H while hes crouching s.M always whiffs afterwards, but on Ammy it’ll connect. In the corner after a j.H if your right on him s.M whiffs.


Yeah thats why I just do the crouching variants of his normals in combos they combo allot easier if you look in the basics thread (lol thread promoting) the standing normals do 5,000 damage more than the crouching variants but its better to connect the combo than to ask for little tiny bit more damage. Also After ending that combo I DHC into Dormmamu’s Chaotic Flame which is a 100% (Does around 850,000->950,000 if Mashed properly) on most of the cast. So regardless I kill the character anyways. But that’s my team anyways. Also the reason I do j.H is because most of the time thats how Nemesis wiill start a combo (at least in my case) j.H makes for a great safe large range overhead.


i concur sir. My Nemmy team is sub optimal by far, but a combo into a dhc = peace out non tanky toon. i’m actually landing a decent amount of cmd grabs so i gotta figure out max dmg off one.


the rocket super doesnt seem to work on rocket raccoon on OTG midscreen… rocket raccoon drops out after being hit by the first missile


Always? Try dashing forward after landing maybe then it will connect, be careful with your inputs here though, it might just be me but I have a tendency to pull out Biohazard-Rush instead.


I had that problem as well. I started using 2 attacks to dash before the super and i’m not getting accidental bio rushes anymore.


I want to play with that relaunch abit. Curious how bad hitstun decay is past ten hits for Neme.

I’ve got a consistent scenerio for whiffing the rocket super (in otherwords avoid it)
command grab, c.mp, c.fp, 236 lp, S, mp, mp, fp, S, Super
Something about that second MP throws off the combo, I was able to drop it consistently. I can’t call it ifs a height issue on the launching ‘S’, or just the engine itself, the first rocket hits, and then you’re in trouble.


  • :bluu:


hopefully its just an unforseen bug and gets patched so that the rest of the hits are guaranteed if the first hits…


you can always link something after air throw in the corner. so stop doing rocket super otg

from the lowest possible air throw height, link j.A, land 5B, 5C, whatever

normal jump height and higher, link j.S, land j.B, j.B, j.C, land whatever

i’d record a video but i’m short on time today.


IF you get an air throw in the corner anyways, but Nemesis’ back throw sends opponent full screen so you have no choice in that situation.


Desk’s General Combos Video



Wow 3 RELAUNCHES IN A NEMESIS COMBO? Crazy. Though I must say that so far his most damaging combos have been the most basic and simple ones lol. However if you mange to start a combo by standing special (For anti-air purposes or you got lucky) these re launches will be the best way to do some damage from air combos.