Rather inexperienced in sf4. Dashing out of focus?

Trying to dash out of focus. I can do most other things with it like ex cancels but not this lol. Weird huh? What stage is it that I have to be on, one? I’d like to threaten with whiffed focuses or dash toward/away after focusing a projectile.

hold down mp/mk and dash

more detailed: like foger said, do a focus (mp + mk) and while keeping those buttons pressed do a dash (forward forward / back back) :slight_smile:

egh stage one right? I know how to focus dude I just said that. I can ex cancel. how do you think I don’t know the focus command if I can ex cancel srk? seriously learn to read foger. i hate asking questions and then those answering don’t even read or think about the whole thing. it’s really annoying, and I’ve already ahd my fill of the internet today. sorry, but please just humor me and answer my questions in full. i should just screw this and go to eventhubs’ guides for this.

You can do it any point during the focus attack

Hold down the focus attack until after the dash is completed, then release it.

Thanks. and oh that’s what I had wrong. i’m used to kara canceling where you don’t have to hold down an attack for that long. thanks for the simple answer.

You can Dash out of a Focus at any time.