Rather new yun needs some slight advice



Hey there,

So I recently started playing yun and hes a lot of fun. The problem I am finding is how lofty and off his divekick is. It is weird to have to delay buttons atfer divekick even if it connects. Is there a better way to visual see when I can start my strings and such?

Crouch teching. Outside of neutral jump into light kick divekick, how do I effectively deal with it? Not just crouch teching but also jabs and such. This usually isnt a problem since I play Abel/E.Ryu and just do a simple jab, delay close standing fierce. I tried crouching medium punch but it seems wonky at best.

Genejin, is it worth it? I always end up using red focus when I get a hit confirm hence I have not even used genejin even after 2 weeks of paying him.

The command throw. Honestly, unless I play offline I can never seem to be in a situation to use it since almost all xbox live players mash buttons on wake up. I know about the command kara but god the input for it is a nightmare for me and trying to remember how to do that mid match seems impossible.

Meter building. Lets say I want to go for meter after a lnug punch or hk or throw, whatever. What is best meter builder? Mp/hp palm or light shoulder rush?

I can get all his links fine, hell for some reason they seem really easy compared to most characters.

I should get some footage of my character but I lost my camera and the fucking youtube upload never works for me.

Overall I like the character but I really think he needs an extra 50 health. Throws and wiff combos really hurt badly.


I only use Genei Jin when I really need the damage. I use command throw online, just not when it’s a shoto I’m against. You can do something like two light shoulders after a front throw. He really doesn’t need extra health, he’s at least high tier in this game (top 5 is debatable but we’re not getting into that). If you think they’re mashing, bait, leave gaps in your strings or just block on their wakeup, after a heavy knock down, do lp palm feint and see if they dp.

Well that’s a few things I can give, I’m only getting back into Yun recently but focusing on another character at the same time so maybe someone can help further.


Yun is insanely frustrating to play online, you get jabbed and DPed out of virtually everything due to latency. Don’t expect to play him how he should be played… as conditioning a lot of people online is very unlikely lol


Yeah I dunno how to play him online without picking up stupid habits. It’s annoying cause I’m going to be taking a break from locals again, so online only for me.


It’s a feel sort of thing. If you’re spacing your divekicks right then you’ll have plenty of time to go into your blockstring usually without fear of getting reversaled our counter hit out.

First learn the distances your buttons will connect from, get a general feel of their block stun duration, and finally look into how advantageous your main buttons are on block. Once you learn that you can begin frame trapping effectively.

Genei jin is still effective seeing as you can generate a hefty amount of damage from virtually anywhere on the screen, however rfc is more readily available and can lead to a stunned opponent pretty quickly. Familiarize yourself with the basic GJ setups and a few combos and move on. You’ll be using rfc more often.

Tick into your command grabs by late canceling cr.mp or jab/shorts. His command grab isn’t like a grapplers. Because they have no hit invincibility and slower to start up, don’t expect to do walk up command grabs, unless you really have conditioned your opponent to not press a thing.

Do you want to build meter and get in at the same time or hang back and build meter? Shoulder if the former, palm for the latter. Strength of the palm doesn’t matter either, except for lp palm obviously.

That 50 health is going to do a whole lot. The character is amazing as is, so focus on your short-comings, not the ones you perceive about the character.



check out that guide