Ratio 2 Characters?


What characters are particularly better when played as Ratio 2 (in terms of power and defense of course). I mean, I hear people should refrain from picking a Ratio 2 Sakura because it isn’t as powerful as others.

I usually use the team Chun-li/Sakura/Joe on C-groove. I don’t whether to have a Ratio 2 Chun-li or Joe, which would benefit more?

Also, can anyone basically be a Ratio 2 without much consequence? A 2 Hibiki, Kim, Yun, etc.




Umm, I guess that would a good choice, but I don’t count Sagat as a regularly used character. I know he’s good and all, but I’m specifically concerned about Chun-li and Joe in this case.


I don’t recommend chun li as r2, because she is a very good character with good damages and life at r1, and I’ve tried her with r2 before and she doesn’t exactly receive that much bonuses (as opposed to say Sagat from r1 to r2). So I guess that leaves you with Joe…

But honestly, I think all 3 characters of you are very good r1 chars. You might want to think about switching out one for a good r2 char, like Sagat, Bison, Geese, etc.

There used to be an article that talks about CDZ (critical damage zone) on this site before, not sure if it’s still here, you can try to find it… basically it tells you why some characters are better for r2. But it didn’t give you a list of who exactly… so I’m not sure either.


I find that usually the “weaker” characters, like Terry, Rock, Sakura etc get less bonuses. Then you go to the “stronger” characters like Geese, Sagat, Geif, and they seem to get better bonuses. I know I put my Geese as r2 always. And by weaker and stronger…well…Yes some character are weaker, but their moves may have more priority or are faster or somehting.