Raven Frame Data

Finally got down to finishing it!


I mostly kept it to just the important stuff aka the numbers. If necessary I’ll add in more stuff later

added more stuffs

Thank you both kind sirs!

Thanks gilley.

Have you heard that the brady guide has a lot of frame data errors in it? How accurate is that statement?

The statement very accurate. I noticed a lot of errors just typing this spreadsheet up without knowing anything about the game. For example, I think it was Ken’s s.LP. In the guide under the “cancel ability” column…all it says is “yes” :slight_smile:

Then there’s stuff like the startup/active/recovery/adv.block/adv.hit stuff. I’ve already tested quite a few things in the short time I’ve played it and I can gaurantee the data’s wrong, like the startup of Guile’s EX FK is listed as 6f when it’s really 5f. Kuma’s f+HP also is listed as -5 and I know it has less recovery than that. It’s probably -4.

I might put this spreadsheet on the SRK wiki and people can edit it to the proper values. Only problem with that is the people who edit it have to be 100% positive that their tests are accurate. I’m still waiting to hear back from James Chen about his SFxT guide he’s working on for the wiki, then I’ll see if I can put up all this datas. I’ll edit my spreadsheet later after all the errors have been found, if that’s even possible.

From looking at the data files, it looks like LP Shuriken is cancelable into teleport on the 30th frame, possibly give or take a frame. None of the other shurikens can cancel into teleport.

Other random thing: they took out the ability to use it, but Raven has an air teleport and an air throw in his character data.