Raven Lessons



Hai SRK.
I know some people are having issues getting used to SFxT.
& A lot of people are having issues picking up Raven.
I’m willing to help out anyone that’s having issues with the character.
You know, show them the ropes. Ya Dig?
So if you’re looking for some help about Raven, or just the game in general. I’m willing to help.
My gamertag is “Chef RAAMzy”. Just send me a message, & let me know you want help. & I’ll be happy to help. Seeing as there’s a online training mode option now, this makes things a lot easier.

Things I can cover are:
Gem selection.
BnB combos.
Zoning/Getting in.
Help with the c.F loop if needed.
What to do after a tag.

Be sure to hit me up. Take it easy.


all right, tell me who is good anchor for raven? i don’t like hugo and rolento seems better as a point character


Well, Raven goes well with anyone who’s meter hungry. Seeing as he builds meter quickly. & he doesn’t use meter often. So, just a few would be…
Ken, Rufus, Ryu, Ibuki, Akuma, Juri, Ogre, Hugo, Bison, Kazuya.
Those are some examples, but don’t let me tell you who to play.
He goes really well with someone that uses a lot of meter or someone that can play keep away.
If you have two characters with solid keep away, & good options while they’re in. Well, “YOU’RE IN DAT ASS”. So to speak. lol.


Just saying. I use Raven as my anchor. So…
My team is Ken/Raven. He does very well with someone that has a dp.


Any thoughts on Rolento\Raven and Raven\Lili?


I’ll offer the same help for the PSN side. My I’d is. Zephyr-HxC- I actually run raven on anchor but can run him point if needed. All my meter goes to switch cancels and supers usually. Or to let chun sit on senretsukyaku vs fireball characters

I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?sfmn21
You keep it stylish? I keep it broken.

UMvC3 - Dante(crystal), Vergil(Judgment Cut), Amaterasu(Cold Star)/Magneto(Disruptor/Hyper Grav)
C. Viper(Seismo), Amaterasu(Cold Star), X-23(Ankle Slice)


Well, Rolento/Raven isn’t a bad team at all. Neither of them are meter hungry. So you can use that meter for switch cancels, supers, or alpha counters. I don’t know much about Lili. So I can’t really say.
& Thanks xZephyrx.

If you need Raven help, be sure to hit one of us up.
Xbox LIVE: Chef RAAMzy
PSN: Zephyr-HxC-


I happen to main Rolento/Raven too. I think it’s a decent team, even though I think there’s better partners out there for Raven due to Rolento’s combos scaling so bad and the fact he doesn’t have any good tag in combos outside of the corner. His normals and AAs are fantastic though and have much more range than Raven’s, so he can help Raven get in. If you use EX Patriot Circle/his alpha counter and cancel into Raven, you can do up to 464 damage for 2 bars, which is pretty damn good for a punish. If I get a counter hit with Rolento in the air, I’ll usually go cr.MK xx Patriot xx Switch Cancel into Raven, (cr.HP xx CADC) x2, cl.HP xx LK Alter Ego, which can do over 400 damage for just 1 bar. You also actually do more damage with Rolento if you use a boost combo into Raven for the cr.HP loop than you would for his regular Patriot Circle combos.


how o you do the c.f. dash cancel stuff? i use an arcade stick


Input cr.HP, cancel into QCB+P, hold that P, dash forward, do another cr.HP


The c.F loop is tricky. It’s not just being able to do it. It’s knowing how to use it. Obviously the input for it is, c.F x 2.3.6 P x dash x c.F.
So I’m going to right a chart kind deal here.

From a jump in: 5
Air2Air: 3
Combo: 3/4.

These numbers tell you how many times Raven can d/c his c.F in a combo. From a normal jump in like a j.RH he can do 5. A2A he can juggle 3, it doesn’t matter if you connect with his j.RH & get the ground bounce. You still can only juggle that character 3 times(this includes a counter hit a2a). Now in a combo, like a hit confirm(example: s.Jx2 x c.S x Wind Scythe x c.Fx4). You can only juggle 4 times. You can make it easier on yourself, & do c.J after the wind scythe & then do a c.F. But then you can only get 3 c.F. & of a tag, it’s really character dependent. So it depends what you do before you tag in Raven during the combo. So try & test what you can do with your characters.

There’s something else with the Raven c.F loop that you should know. You have to delay the c.F a little each time. Or there’s a chance you will go under the character you’re juggling & end up on the other side. That will reverse your inputs. & unless you’re a god, you’ll drop the combo. lol.


Just wanted to say thanks again Hiigh Guy for offering to help me out last night. Wish I could have taken you up on the offer but I was already up way too late as it was. Anyway, quick/basic question : what are Raven’s best pokes and at what range should he be when not playing keep away to be most threatening?


I’d say Raven’s best pokes are his st/cr jabs. Mixing up with jabjab into a st.mp is one of Raven’s good options to frame trap your opponent. As long as you are in range of using his pokes, he is really deadly being how good his pokes are. His standing jab pressure is just as good as cammys, if not better.


Any advice on a Raven and Rufus team? I don’t have their order set, but I love the characters and really want to make them work. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Run Rufus second. Without meter, his midscreen damage is pretty piss-poor. Raven builds tons and has a great long and mid-range game.

Hardmode for Rufus mid-screen damage is cl.LK > cr.MK xx HP.Galactic Tornado TAG HP.Windcross > cr.HP SDC cr.HP SDC cl.HP xx LK.Alter Ego

I think it’s two cr.HPs into cl.HP after Windcross juggle, I can never remember. Windcross needs to be hit low. The timing is really finicky. The combo should work, but I’m pretty much just guessing at it from my comfy chair here. If that’s not a combo, I’m sorry. Try GT > Tag Cancel into something like j.HK into cr.HP loops for swag.

Near the corner, with Raven in, always hit-confirm into cr.HP loops and tag cancel into Rufus’ standard f.HP > f.HP > f.HP xx HK.Messiah Kick. Damage should be awesome.

Raven does enough damage alone to not need Rufus in if you’re willing to spend 2 bars of meter, you can hit-confirm into cl.HP/cr.MK xx Windcross > cr.HP SDC cr.HP SDC cl.HP xx Super for about 530 to 620 damage depending on the confirm.

They both do fairly similar damage alone without tag cancels when using meter. For two bars, if you have Rufus in, you’ll want to hit-confirm into EX GT, use a few far.HK, then Tag into Raven to finish the combo.

Generally, for late game comebacks when they have a lifelead and the timer is down, I put Rufus at being the higher threat because of his crossup divekick. Raven has trouble forcing any kind of real mixup outside of Jab/Throw, which is garbage. He wittles, and needs to counteract an opponent’s offense to get his big damage.

Also, Raven builds a lot of meter. If you have two bars, you can Tag Cancel blocked EX Messiah on the very first hit for a good mixup. You may be able to time his overhead (b.MK > MK) to catch a ducking opponent if you time it right.

Anyhow, that’s a breakdown of their synergy, I guess. A lot of the other stuff is fairly specific to both of them. They don’t make use of chains or launchers all that well, which is an awesome way to build meter.


Wow! Thanks! That’s very helpful! I’ve been messing with a corner combo with Rufus hit confirm in to HP. GT, TC, F.HP, HK MK, LK follow-up, Tag Cancel, Cr.HP SDC, Cr.HP SDC, Cr.HP SDC, Cr.HK. It’s about 460 damage, so it may not be the most practical.

What is Raven’s best partner synergy-wise?


I run Cammy/Raven right now. It works really well, but they lose to Down-Back when you don’t have the lifelead and the opponent is looking for timeout. Generally any top-tier material character should pair well with him. Raven works as an optimal addition to any team, unless there’s someone who’s specifically awesome with someone else for some reason.

Also, if you can hit-confirm into HP.Galactic Tornado, you can hit-confirm into EX.Galactic Tornado for more damage. At least, I think it does more damage.

Also, there’s little reason to not end that combo you listed with cl.HP xx LK.Alter Ego. If you took them to the corner, I think LK.Alter Ego actually puts you into the corner, which locks out their forward roll. That can help or hurt, depending on the matchup.


LK alter ego cornering/not cornering depends on what height you hit it.


Haha, I love how my post has been turned into the goto post for help with Raven. (=


I just sent you a msg over xbox live. My gt is Malcom da Great. I just want basic advice on things like bnb and pokes.