Raven Revised

Ok, I did some revisions and added some background of sorts. Heres the final product. That a raven thats under him, in case nobody new what’s going on.

lookin good.
nice to see the old raven

preciate that snowman

Somebody say something! Does it look good? Does it need more? Does it suck? Say something. Have they forgotten about me… they dont love me here… :frowning:

Ok its looking way better this time. Now the background is distracting instead of his shirt. Put something besides squigles in the bg, maybe a wrestling ring? Overall good job.

aww… your kidding?!

I thought the raven was a good thing. Well, its all good. This was merley a test to see what I can do in shop. I gonna leave it at that.

the muscles look good but the smearing on his hair and the bg is unorthodox. Good stuff nonetheless.