RawGamePlay Vs New Mugen Order Event Dec 23rd 2010r: RawGamePlay Defeated!

RawGamePlay lost to nMo in super Street fighter 4 online event. sadly it ended early because some nMo members felt it wasnt fair to RawGameplay in match 5 when they lost all there guys.

3-1 Winnder nMo( JERSEY BABY)

there were some endless battles going on but there was some talk about people lagging the game on purpose. we know nmo would never do that so …what can you say.

nelson rios fought with heart and honor. he never complained and took wins and losses like a man. Mike hurdle kept sayin alexlexus was lagging so we dont knwo whats up with that.

Shinwar did his thing along with beatdown and project justice.

the match was on justin.tv in team battle. it was loads of fun to watch and hope they get to fight again free from lag.

HAHAHA Raw game play got his $#@# beat!!! talk that ish now homie!!! NMO NMO NMO

best match of the night


This is unacceptable.

Aww shit.
We gunna see a runback in the future i’m sure.

If RGP wants that thats fine


responce video

@TFGM what was unacceptable?

Alright who put gamefaqs in my srk!?


i want to offer them a rematch this week if they want and we can do it right this time