can someone tell me how the whole rawr thing came to be?

i imagine 7 or 8 year olds running around the playground yelling rawr at each other right after learning about dinosaurs.

fast forward 10 or so years, add screamo, scene kids, the internets, and you get a weird expression that doesnt mean too much but still has some strange meaning to it i guess.




Absolutely nothing.


I always thought it started out with the old “mrow” sound and raking your hand like a cat. Somewhere along the lines it got turned into rawr.


That explains it


I think Blanka players started it.


I agree, I have seen people say rawr for things like a pic of hot big breasted women to their reaction to a fat joke…IDK, but it is stupid.

However, it isnt as stupid as when kids watch a video, lets say this video is of SFIV, Ryu vs Ken, Ken shoryukens Ryu, and then the damn kid says “Did Ryu die?”

Now they are saying it for all videos! “Is sign death?” “Is chair die?”


Like many misspelled things on the internet it probably started with cute teenage girls on myspace saying it or 4chan putting caption on pictures to get a small ammount of human contact with said myspace girls.


Wow, makes me think a second time when saying Rawr now…


i dont give a fuck what it means, this sexy broad im talking to now says it and likes it when i say it to her.


Lions started it. Obviously. Rawr! >:3


Good god, y’all.


Never again to drift in the meadows of Spring… RAWR! I NEED CARNAGE!


rawr means i love you in dinosaur




“RAWR. Im an evil kitty and you should be afraid of my nails!”



anyone who unironically says rawr is scum seeya


pics or she doesnt exist


this sounds like something i’d see on a terrible t-shirt.


Whenever I see rawr, I think of cookie monster vocals in metal.