Ray Manzarek, The Doors keyboardist dead at 74



Man that’s too bad. He was an integral part to the Doors’ sound and part of what made them unique and awesome. A great musician. RIP at the next whiskey bar.




Kinda ironic that a dude that was awesome on the organ went out like this, RIP


Man, that is bad news, 2014 becoming better and better :shake:


Umm… look at the year, yo. Kinda old news.


This is THE END…bea-ti-ful friends.


Got hit by that remembrance vortex. What’s funny is that I made the original thread last year and only 3 people posted in it. Guess that shows how much people actually cared about The Doors.

Sad, sad, sad.


Oh I knew right away. My wife is a huge Doors fan and Ray lived in the area. So in the area that my wife talked to him (talked to him being a little optimistic and “turned into a 13 year old girl in front of him and scared him” would be more appropriate) when he came into her work one day, and nearly ran him over in her car another.


I was tricked! Didn’t realize he died a year ago. Congrats Pertho, your little game worked on me. Dick.


EAD, I made the thread last year and you didn’t post on it so…pay your respects now. :rofl:


Jeez, what a dreadful year :frowning:

Loved his work in Riders of the Storm.


He’s been dead for a while now, people.


The only good thing about the Doors.