RayRay vs. Fanatiq - Pre-Game PREDICTION


[][FONT=Arial][SIZE=15px]Both players are really good at coming back in a match. [/FONT][/SIZE]
]**Neither of them are dominant players. **
[]**In tournaments RayRay doesn’t wipe the floor with his opponents. **
]**Fanatiq isn’t very good in tournaments. **
[]**RayRay doesn’t participate in a lot of Money matches. **
]Fanatiq likes to participate in money matches for fun or for training purposes.
[]**Fanatiq recently trained at the FGTV house to sharpen his money matches skills. **
]**He battled against many of the best UMVC3 players. **
[]**RayRay is able to keep a cool head which may help him in late sets. **
]**Fanatiq is able to comeback in money matches after digging himself an early grave. **
[]**For example, in the FGTV house, he came back 3-12 to lose 13-15 to PR balrog. **
]**Similar situations occurred against filipino champ. **
[*]**My prediction is Fanatiq to win 15-10. **
Who are you picking?


i just wanna say ft15 is such a bs format lol

but fanatiq will likely win this. any word on who will be commentating so I know whether to watch this on youtube later or skip it?


Mike Ross and Yipes


RayRay ALL DAY!!


RayRay got exposed lol.


I don’t think that RayRay got exposed. I think RayRay cracked under the pressure.




question; who’s ass is that? damn


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