Razer Arcade Stick + Remora!


Hello all,

I know the Remora LED Controller board was primarily designed for Mad Catz sticks, but I am hoping to get it working with the Razer Atrox - hopefully I can get it working and other people will be able to reference this in the future :slight_smile:
I have no problems soldering if necessary - but if at all possible I’d like to do it without soldering to do this as clean as possible.

The main part of what to do looks very clear (I’m assuming the 8 cables plug into the A/B/X/Y/LB/RB/LT/RT to the buttons and the LEDs)
But I’m not sure on what to do after that. There is one additional cable which I’m not sure if it’s the Start/Back cable, the harness, or both? The sheet that came with the board said that in addition to the 8 cables there should be “1 harness with four wires (probably black) and a quick disconnect on each wire.” - Picture below (the top cable is the is the harness/start/back cable I just mentioned, the lower cable is one of the 8 arcade button cables)

(Edit for any rookies like me trying to figure this out in the future: The additional cable is indeed for start/select, and ‘quick disconnect’ refers to the adapters that connect to the buttons)


  • So does that one connect to the start/back buttons - or somewhere else? (Although by looking at those cables I don’t know if it could connect anywhere else)
  • Do I need additional cables to connect the current PCB to the Remora? If so, where can I purchase these cables?
  • Is there anything else I’m missing? Are there any other cables that have to be connected to the PCB rather than the Remora?

Here are pictures of the PCB, where everything was plugged into the PCB (not sure if it’s necessary but figured best to include it), and the Remora Board and ArcEye 3 LEDs (though I’m sure many/most people here are familiar with it)




Huge thank you in advanced to anyone who helps out and of course I can provide any more information/pictures if necessary!

Remora Official Thread - RGB LED control for MadCatz FightSticks

It would be very good for you to read through the entirety of the Arc Eye 3 thread and the Remora Thread, as
nearly all of your questions would have been answered there. Considering I answered one of these in the thread, I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to one of your questions.
Read the threads first before you read the rest of my post so you have some solid information:

For your first question about the harness you are correct, they are for start and back. Simply look at the print on the PCB when the harness is plugged to know which set corresponds to which button. If you still are unsure just trace the pin to the corresponding point on the TE Harness headers to find out what it is.

If you want to use the Remora with the Razer’s PCB in a solder-less solution, you will need to make your own cables. Again check through the threads as 32Teeth does give links for where to find parts to make these cables, but you will need to crimp them on your own.

The only parts of the Razer PCB you need for the remora are the 8 action buttons plus start and select, VCC, and Ground.


Okay I literally went through the whole threads, and maybe I’m just stupid - I found all the info on making my own cables, and am totally cool with that.

However, I’m not sure exactly which cables I need to make - what is being plugged in where to connect my PCB with the Remora, exactly.
Edit: Okay better way to put this… where do I plug in VCC and Ground on my PCB? The rest I believe is straight forward

I appreciate your input and I know it’s the forum way to dig up the info in other threads, but again, this specifically I was unable to find as I think it pertains directly to my PCB (but again I’m not an expert so maybe I’m wrong and something I didn’t think was relevant to me was)

Thank you again!


Bump!! I got an Atrox recently too and this would for sure be helpful to know how to do.


You would be making cables to go from the TE Harness hook ups on the remora to the pcb. Regardless of what you do this will not be a solderless solution as you will need to solder to the Atrox PCB.


Admittedly it was much more work than I initially thought it would be - Pnoy Pryde - thank you for you help and clarifying that - much appreciated :slight_smile:
Jackson from Canadian Joysticks was kind enough to do the mod for me as I didn’t want to mess something like this up.

Since this is now the 1st thing that comes up when googling ‘Atrox Remora’ I figured I’d put in what was done here in case anybody needs to figure this out in the future.
Everything appears to be working great. I am not sure whether these cables all need to be in a specific order or if they can just be on any pin? I’m guessing they have to be in the specific order (far left cable of TES_CN1 has to be connected to a certain pin, etc) but if anyone could clarify that, that would be awesome.

I only got which wire harness each cable was connected to as it was hard enough to even tell that difference. One note is that with the TES_CN2 harness, he only used 5/6 of the cables - although the 6th cable was still there from the harness… just not soldered to anything


Everything else is still plugged in the same as shown in the picture from the 1st post other than the main buttons & Start/Select
I will add pics of everything soon(ish) - waiting for some artwork to come in to complete the stick before I take all of the pictures.


could you put up some photos of the Atrox’s inside now that it’s done to see how it’s supposed to look after installing, i’d really appreciate it, thanks


Here’s a picture of the inside, I will take a picture of the outside tonight or tomorrow
Also if you’re wondering, on the right side I glued some foam to hold the stick portion in part in the case to make it fit snugly, and that is a balltop on a JLF Link