Razer Atrox (360) No Power - Bad PCB or USB?


I’ve had my Atrox for a little over a year and have less than 10-hours of game time on it. I went to fire it up last night, and no power. The lights are out and neither my 360 or PC recognize it. I suspect it may be a bad USB cable but it could also be the PCB.

As I wait to hear back from Razer on whether I could purchase a new USB cable, are there any suggestions or tests that I can do tell what the problem may be?



you could buy a multimeter and test the 5v and gnd lines inside. you should be reading something like 5v. if it reads 0 you have a break VCC line of the cable.


I actually had a problem the very first time I used my brother’s Atrox. When I plugged it in the light flashed for like 2 seconds and then went out forever. Never heard of anyone with a similar problem, though. I got a refund, since the store I got it from didn’t have another in stock, and got one from another store, which has worked flawless ever since.


@Coffeejuice As you suggested, I used a multimeter to test the cable. And, it’s definitely a bad cable. Thank you. Unfortunately, Razer’s parts department no longer carries a replacement USB cable, and I’m yet to find one from a 3rd party.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is changing the USB connector as simple as removing Razer’s proprietary connector from the PCB and soldering a new one on? Or, am I going to have the replace the entire PCB with an aftermarket one?

Thanks everybody!


the razr atrox uses a really weird connector type, i’m not sure where you could find an exact replacement. a usb B type female socket would probably fit fine in the hole but you’d have some trouble mounting it on the pcb since the points dont line up. some people enlarge the hole and install a neutrik connector instead, but i think that is after they install an aftermarket pcb.


this has been an ongoing problem for the atrox for the 360, this is like the 5th case i hear this happening to


Could be the USB, they are shitty and people tend to just wrap the cable thus making the issue worse.
I would remove the port on your PCB and hard wire another usb cable